Is this a good estimate to build a foundation?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I'm having a seasonal cottage foundation completely replaced. The building is approximately 24' x 28', located in southern Ontario. I've received a quote from a company to lift the building up, completely demolish and excavate the crawlspace, build a new ICF full basement foundation (complete with walkout). I was surprised at how much the ICF foundation portion of the quote was. Over 40k just to supply and install ICF foundation, I'm not convinced that I really need ICF since it's a seasonal property, which at the moment doesn't even have proper heating/AC, so I inquired if it'd be much cheaper to go with a regular concrete poured wall. I was told it'd be 8k-10k less to go with a regular poured concrete wall, so just over 30k. This surprises me, I always thought having a concrete foundation of this size poured would be 15k-20k, 25k max, and ICF might be 20k-30k. Are these prices just naive?

Also just a note, the obvious answer is to just get more quotes. Over the past 2 years I have contacted 25 different companies for this job (I have a spreadsheet), more than half of them I never heard back from, only 3 came on site (a few said they would but never showed) and so far 1 is actually willing to do the job. If I was able to get more quotes then I would, but I can't, which is why I'm turning to the internet for help.


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