Adventures in supermarket garlic

Boris Zakharin
last month
last modified: last month

I planted cloves from a supermarket garlic bulb last fall as a test of whether I can grow garlic in my raised bed (planning to order real bulbs for this fall). I harvested two late this spring when the leaves began to turn brown, and got a single small bulb not split into cloves in each case. The taste was milder than the bulb which the cloves came from.

So I decided to wait longer before harvesting the rest. Shortly after that all above-ground leaves were eaten, I assume by a rabbit, so I thought that was that. Just this week, though, the garlic sent up new shoots, so I decided to dig one up to see what happened to it. Now I found four completely separate cloves next to each other, but not connected in any way, instead of a bulb surrounding them.

Is this normal? Do the cloves join together at a later stage of growth? Should I leave the rest of my garlic in the ground for another winter?

Thanks in advance.

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