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Houzz Live Chat: Real Estate Staging Tips

Jeannie Nguyen
9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago
Welcome back to Houzz Live! Today we are going to be discussing Staging Tips with our very own Staging Pros! Please welcome...

Jane Kienzle of Fluff Designs & Decor

Ilse Benard of Staged for Perfection

In addition, all community members are invited to jump in and participate by answering the questions posted.

The format is as follows: We will post questions as comments to this discussion thread. Each question will be prefaced by the question number, for example “Q1)”. For every answer to a particular question, you should use a corresponding label to attribute it back to the question you are answering, for example “A1)”.

Remember to refresh your page to see new questions and answers.

Most importantly, have fun!

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