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Lighting in the kitchen - how important is ambient light?

Sonya N
8 years ago
We've come to the point in our kitchen remodel where we are wiring for lighting. We have a good number of LED recess lights placed (roughly one per cabinet), plus more going around the perimeter of the wall with no cabinets (there is a fireplace there, and we'll put a small table). There will be three pendants over the island.

My concern is the ambient light. I am used to having something light up the ceiling (either a chandelier-type or a semi-flush fixture). I think it makes the room brighter. I haven't really been in rooms where it's just recess and accent lighting, and am worried that despite many lights, it'll look dim.

I am debating either placing an additional semi-flush fixture somewhere - but the question is where? Another option would be to forgo pendants and put something like a large over-the-island fixture that lights up. I personally love the look of pendants and it's not ideal to me, but I also don't want a dim kitchen.

Does Houzz mind have any suggestions? Am I worried over nothing? Is there a better way to light this kitchen? Here is a kitchen plan:
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Thank you Houzzers!

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