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Don’t let a lack of power tools be your excuse for not tackling those home projects. After all, there’s a great sense of satisfaction after having completed a project yourself, plus you’ll earn some major handyman (or handywoman!) points. For larger projects like redoing the roof, building your own furniture or installing cabinets and shelves, you’re going to need tools that pack a punch. Rest assured, a cordless drill, table saw or sander will have that project finished up in no time. Here are some ways you can power up your toolbox:

Give your wrist a rest with a cordless drill.

Sure, you can fasten those screws with some old-fashioned elbow grease, but when your project requires you to tighten dozens of screws, you’ll appreciate the power of a cordless drill. Similarly, if you find yourself needing to punch precision holes in your drywall, wood or other materials, a power drill is your go-to power tool. Look for an 18-volt model with a spare battery so you won’t have to put your work on hold when the battery needs recharging. Make sure you grab additional drill bits as necessary, too. If you’re planning on cutting through heavier materials like concrete or steel, make sure yours has enough power and the proper drill bits to punch through with ease.

Sand, slice, rout and polish with a rotary tool.

When it comes to being a jack-of-all-trades, nothing beats the rotary tool. These battery-powered behemoths of the tool world come in handy in all sorts of situations. Tidy up that hole in the drywall where you plan to put a new electrical box. Slice off screw or bolt shanks. Polish hard to reach edges and corners. Whatever you can dream of doing, the rotary tool can more than likely get it done.

Installing fencing or a new roof is a breeze with a cordless circular saw.

While corded saws are great, there are times when you might find that cord just gets in the way. A cordless circular saw will easily maneuver those odd locations like the roof or outdoor fence. Plus, their all-purpose design makes them great for cutting tile, masonry or even steel along with cross cutting and ripping planks of wood. For starters, grab a model that has a 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 inch blade.

Power through those hammer and nail projects with a nail gun.

If you need to drive a few hundred or more nails in a short amount of time, a nail gun will get it done. When choosing a nail gun you can opt for the more common stick-style that uses a strip of nails loaded into the magazine or a coil-style that features a string of nails stored in a round magazine. Decide which one best fits your needs and get to work!

Get a jump start on hobby projects or repairs with a table saw.

You’ll find a table saw is great for mitering, beveling and crosscut ripping almost any kind of wood. That makes it the tool of choice when undertaking large repair projects or starting brand new projects of your own. Now you can give New Yankee Workshop a run for its money and build your own custom furniture, cabinets and shelves!

Become a demolitions expert with a reciprocating saw.

These saws are perfect for hacking and cutting away unwanted walls or simply cutting a hole for a new electrical outlet. Again, this tool benefits greatly from being cordless, so look for a model with an 18-volt battery pack. If you need to rip through rubber, metal, plastic or Linoleum like it was butter, simply grab a special blade.

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