Help - Exposed Brick Gone Wrong

September 10, 2014
Hello All -

Today I finally had the courage to get the brick exposed in my living room done, and I have to admit I'm not excited about the outcome. While I knew there was going to be some cinderblock based on earlier holes in the wall, I never expected this much. The good news is that the wall is in wonderful condition, but unfortunately I need to do some clean-up work on the bad side of the wall.
I plan on having some reclaimed wood pipe shelved installed on the bad side of the wall to help hid the imperfection, as well as potentially getting the brick tiles installed. It's an apartment in New York that definitely has the industrial theme, so I'm not totally broken by the results of today. I was really just hoping to come home to a beautiful exposed brick wall.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me since I think I'm beyond the point of thinking about putting the Sheetrock over everything.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks - Chris

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