New Reveal (long) - Garage into Kitchen!

July 7, 2014

Hey all !

I finally managed to get photos taken of our new kitchen, which was finished just a few weeks ago. GW was a huge help ... I poured over post after post, gleaning info from everyone and really refining my vision.

It's a white, shaker-style kitchen, something I've always wanted after loving a previous deep wood/dark counters galley kitchen (old house), and after not-loving what this kitchen was (small, piecemealed, and grungy!)

The house is a beautiful old brick home from 1930, and the new kitchen is the old garage, which was attached on the western end of the home. Since we had to raise the floor (to meet up with the elevation of the rest of the home), we decided to blow out the two small rooms that were above the old garage, and take advantage of all the natural light provided through dormers, existing windows, and new windows and doors. This new kitchen has become the main "family entrance" to the house.

The old kitchen was the next room over, which you'll see now is much better suited with a pantry, office, and the three doorways and two stairways that mucked it up before!

Obviously, it's still a work in progress ... the walls seem big and bare now, but I'm waiting for just the right things to display. The barstools need to be recovered, and you'll notice a small loveseat with some "placeholder" fabric draped over it!

In hopes of orienting you, here I am standing in the old kitchen, looking into the new kitchen (old garage). The bay of windows over the sink is where the old garage carriage doors were. They were great old wood on hinges … we repurposed them into a cool fence on the far side of a new garage.

Here we are looking out the front of the house. The two windows were original to the house (garage). Since we had to raise the floor significantly, they dip back behind the counter. I was certain I would drop things back there, but nothing so far (just dust!)

The cedar beams appear much more reddish in color in this photo than in real life. Since we removed the second story (which contained 2 old-school servant bedrooms, more recently a tiny office and defunct playroom), we needed the support of steel plates and big beams to keep the house together!


These gorgeous doors (bad photo, sorry), open back on themselves, creating a huge view out the back. We keep them secured, and just use the one on the right as our main entrance into the house from the garage and the backyard. It's a dream, in terms of traffic flow!

Here I am standing further back in the old kitchen. The door on the left is small stairs leading to the basement, and used to be the only access to the old garage, which was three steps down. We blew the wall open to create the open flow you see.
Here is our "mudroom" of sorts … a locker for each person. It's more than enough space for coats, backpacks, shoes, devices (plugs for everyone!), and now I'm just trying to train everyone to use them!!!

The lattice panel is hiding a mini-split HVAC system. Since this area has such different heat/cooling needs, which thought this to be the best bet. It's worked well so far, and there is a small quiet compresser out back.

Above that, you'll see a small glass rail and balcony …. it's the old entrance to the upstairs hallway that lead to the small rooms we removed. Again, the finish isn't quite so red IRL.


View from the overlook.

Prep sink

A handy extra gleaned from GW. I suppose I should paint or finish it somehow!











This is the old kitchen. Next to the desk is a fabulous pantry … I will show it off soon, I hope … it's a big, huge mess right now!

Thanks for reading and looking, and thanks for the advice given over the past 2 years!


Cabinets: Custom Shaker, locally made. Ben Moore White Dove.

Pulls: Lewis Dolan, Lews Hardware Bar Pull Collection, Bar Knob in Brushed Brass,

Counter: White Moon Quartzite, honed, pencil round edge

Prep Sink: Kohler Napa Single Basin Cast Iron Bar Sink - White

Kitchen Sink: Kohler Riverby 33" Single Basin Under-Mount Enameled Cast-Iron ��" White

Prep & Kitchen Faucets: Delta Trinsic Pullout Spray Bar/Prep -Champagne Bronze
Floors: Oak 4” planks, custom stained to match existing floors in house

Island Pendants: Circa Lighting, Hicks Pendant Extra Large, Hand rubbed brass, Custom Length Added.

Above-window Sconces: Schoolhouse Electric, Isaac Sconce Long Arm, Brass

Between-window Sconces: Restoration Hardware, Library Sconce, Antique Brass

Range: GE Monogram, 48” dual-fuel with griddle and double ovens

Hood: Custom Cabinetry, GE Monogram 48” Insert

Refrigerator: GE Monogram, 36” Professional Built-In Bottom Freezer. Custom panel made.

Dishwasher: Existing Bosch

Microwave: Existing GE Profile

Bev Fridge: GE Monogram Stainless Steel Beverage Center

Walls: Ben Moore CSP 665 Cool Breeze In various degrees: 25% on walls, 75% and 100% on the ceiling/dormers

Cabinet & Desk Back Walls: BenMoore Slate Teal 2058-20

Range Backsplash Tile: Walker Zanger Studio Moderne, Petite Imperial, Ming Blue Gloss

Glass folding doors and over-sink windows: custom made, painted Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, 2124-10

Here is a link that might be useful: The full kitchen revealed - more photos

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  • bicyclegirl1

    Lauraeds, I keep looking at your beautiful kitchen & just love your countertops. Is White Moon Quartzite the same as the White Macaubus? They look very similar. Just gorgeous!

    Thank you!

  • Lauraeds

    bicyclegirl, I'm just not sure abut the White Moon Quartzite vs. White Macabus. I went to the stone yard in search of Macabus, but it was different than what I expected.

    Here's what they had labeled as "White Macuba":

    It was very pretty, just not what I expected or wanted. I wanted the more striated look, and this "Macauba" was more wavy.

    Another one I liked was this "Tropical White" quartzite:

    Our "White Moon" Quartzite was listed as from Italy. They stripes are mostly grey tones, and there are tan/gold/amathyst spots along some of the lines.

    This post was edited by Lauraeds on Wed, Jul 9, 14 at 14:11

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  • vdinli

    Wow! Wow and Wow! such a drop dread gorgeous kitchen! brilliant idea to move the location and take advantage of all that light. love the backsplash and the brass hardware. You must love the new space!!

  • bicyclegirl1

    Thanks Lauraeds, I wonder if the White Macauba that I was looking at was really the White Moon? The Macauba had the striation lines, like yours. But, It was kind of weird because it had the lines at the top half of the slab & then kind of a wave at the bottom half. I had fallen in love the w/ the top half, the lines, & just couldn't justify buying the whole slap & not use the bottom part. I'll have to ck into the White Moon now! Thanks tons for the information. Just love your kitchen!!!

  • tempe110

    Beautiful! A unique take on the white shaker style cabinets, you made a look all your own!!

  • lannegreene

    Beautiful space. I love you bunny towel holder and the tile in back of the range is a wonderful accent to your space. The room somehow feels like a pool house, so open and bright.

  • Lauraeds

    Thanks, lannegreene, now if only there was a pool …. :-) Lots of people seem to like that bunny towel holder … next to it is a fox with a curled up tail … an homage to the critters we see out in our backyard. There was a deer hook as well, but I thought I'd slam my hips into the horns!!

    They came from Anthropologie, just a month or so ago.

  • lmccarly

    That is an amazing kitchen. WOW! So beautiful.

    Love the wall of windows over the sink.
    Love the tilt-outs.
    Really love the rabbit towel hook! :-)

  • Pipdog

    Wow, what an epic kitchen! Amazing!

  • texasgal47

    Your kitchen looks like my idea of one from a country estate as seen in a magazine spread. Everything is perfect and amazing. I'm happy to see that brass was selected for your metal, a bold choice. My favorite is your windows and the views beyond.

  • Texas_Gem

    Thanks for posting a pic of the inside of your mud room lockers.

    Sorry I can't think of a better idea than just moving the outlets.

    If you do decide to go that route it really is extremely easy.

    Remove the shelf, mark on the wall where the new outlet will be, flip the breaker so you don't accidentally electrocute yourself.
    Pull the face plate off of the existing outlet, unscrew all the wires.
    Use a drywall knife to cut a rough opening for the new box. Fish a line down to the old box and grab the wire. Mount a new box and pull the wire through.
    Wire the outlet back the same way it was before and then patch and fill where the old outlet was.
    Aside from the patching and painting of the old spot, it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to move that line such a short distance.

    I've been thinking of doing something similar to the pic I linked below, except doing it for each locker.

    Here is a link that might be useful: [mudroom charging station[(

  • onedogedie

    Your kitchen is beautiful. I have googled those pendants before and yours in your kitchen is the prettiest combination I've seen. Gold and white together are scrumptious. Pearls & gold.

    I am extremely curious how you find the working light levels on the perimeter counters at night. I have been eyeballing the Schoolhouse sconce for over my sink but have wondered if 60w would completely satisfy when high illumination was desired and my sconce would be hung a good 2' lower than yours. So the combination of your beautiful soaring ceilings and the height of your cans and the low wattage of all the sconces makes me wonder about night time task illumination.

    You definitely should include a photo of how you finished the window wells. That is a issue old-house people grapple with and I can only recall sombreuil_mongrel (?) who has dealt with the same in his kitchen.

    Will there be a kitchen table? Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen! Many details to love and take vicarious satisfaction from!

  • Lisa

    Your kitchen looks like it should be in a high end kitchen magazine! Everything about it is gorgeous and unique. I absolutely love those doors and the windows. LOVE the black trim on them. The brass hardware is such a nice touch. The pendants, sconces, counter, beams, backsplash...could go on and on! And what a great idea to put outlets in the lockers!

  • purrus

    Absolutely stunning. I love this so much.

    I am dying for pictures of the pantry. Did you build it or was it a closet? I am actually thinking of doing something similar (on a much smaller scale) in an adjoining room and I am just dying to hear about what you did.

    Again, I just LOVE your kitchen. And I love the use of gold. Simply amazing!

  • Lauraeds

    Thanks, onedogedie for your kind words. So far, the lighting has been fine. We have the 40w sconces between the windows, the two Schoolhouse Electric sconces above the other windows, the two pendants (3 bulbs each … 60w?) and a slew of small cans (maybe 8 or 10?), all on dimmers.

    To be 100% honest, it's been so light outside so late at night, I'm usually cooking in full or part daylight, so I haven't been using the lights a ton. As summer winds down, I'll have to pay more attention.

    The window wells are finished quite simply: the back of the cabinets are painted white, and we had the back edge of those countertops honed to match the rest. Looking at the windows from the outside, we have a low hedge, and the windows go quite low - maybe 2-3' off the ground? So the bottom of the window reads just plain white, versus clear. It helps that we have a pretty styrex (?) tree in the front yard between those two windows, so your eye goes to the tree before the windows. If I can figure out a way to get a good photo, I'll post it.

    No kitchen table - we'll use the island for breakfast, and we use the dining room for dinner.

    purrus, I'm planning to work on the pantry tomorrow … I'll try to get some pictures up.

  • dgormish

    Beautiful kitchen! Great color choices and I love the details in the cabinets. Great job!

  • Ivan I

    I LOVE your backsplash !!!

    How did you arrive at choosing that particular one?

  • schoolhouse_gw

    There's already been a ton of "Wow"s said , but I'll add another.
    It's beautiful.

  • spagano

    Oh, that is a lovely space! Adding to my clippings. Enjoy :)

  • PRO
    Bridget Helm

    Just splendid! I love it! We are doing a renovation and I'm sad that I didn't add an additional window to the kitchen now that I've seen all the light pouring into yours.

    You did a fantastic job! I've been eyeing that pendant for our powder room off the kitchen. It's pricey!

  • Liz K 7b-8a Charlotte

    Stunning - you thought of everything. I love all the creative storage solutions (cutting boards, foil, etc). Beautiful colors. I love the mud room too - wish I had one! While I'm at it, I'll take the kitchen too! :+)

  • aliris19

    That's one nice garage :)

    I sure hope no one ever wants you to put it back as one!

  • anzatowndog

    You must have an idea factory for a mind! What a beautiful room for all sorts of soulful, artistic reasons never mind being the kitchen dreams are made of! Congratulations!

  • firstmmo

    It's absolutey stunning! Love love love it! The miles of counters and uncluttered look completely appeal to my taste. I have always loved those David Hicks lights and thought about using them too. In the end I didn't, but I can see how they are perfect for you kitchen--you chose the right size!

    I especially love the use of brass in your kitchen. I know some people are not loving this comeback, but I am so glad that it's being used sparingly again--it's a relief from all that chrome and nickel after so many years. I used brass in my bathroom and while I do love it, have been hearing how it's still a bit controversial to bring back into homes. Don't listen to any naysayers--it's fantastic!!!

    I think you are going to really love all that light and space--hope it inspires some amazing meals and warm memories of family time. Isn't that what it's all about?

    "The details are not the details, they make the design." -- Charles Eames said that, and I think your kitchen aptly embodies that's the beautiful details that make your gorgeous kitchen sing.

  • agk2003

    beyond stunning! i love your kitchen. it is so bright. interesting about your white dove cabinets. was reading a thread recently about it looking gray or olive but i guess with all your natural light, it looks very "white."

  • Holly- Kay

    Oh my goodness, I love everything about your splendid kitchen. I love how the brushed brass looks with your white cabs. Your beautiful hardware and the darling rabbit towel hook adds so much personality!

    Wishing you many happy years and scrumptious meals in your beautiful kitchen!

  • aliris19

    Counter in front of windows.

    There, I wanted to put that in here in case someone searches on it. Because several have asked in the time I've been here (not that long compared with veterans) and it's often hard to come up with a good solution. But yours looks just fantastic. I know it's really a dilemma in old houses, how to stick in enough counter space for a kitchen when the windows go to the ground! I think the choice of your colors schemes helps a lot, it all just blends perfectly.

  • chrisinsd

    I mean--there is nothing anyone could complain about in this. It's not even my style but there are so many cool details I love. Looks like it cost you plenty, but the finished project is really beyond stunning.

    Just tell us what magazine you are getting it published in! :)

  • lisa_a

    I hope you're packed to move out because I'm moving in! ;-)

    Seriously gorgeous kitchen. Love the back splash and the antique brass finishes you chose for hardware and lighting. Brass has gotten a bad rap in recent years but your kitchen will have the naysayers change their minds.

    Oh, I also love the inventive reuse of the old garage doors and the peek-a-boo view to the stairway railing.

  • olympia776

    Wow, so beautiful! Not sure what I can say but echo all the praise! The bold details make all the difference. The brass and tile really set your kitchen apart. The beams, doors and trim and countertops are just so sharp. It's really fun to see a kitchen where every choice is not so predictable.

    Enjoy in good health! (and take more pics!)

  • lisa_a

    Oh, no, where'd all your pics of your pretty kitchen go?

  • Lauraeds

    Hey all - Thanks for all the kind comments - I'm surprised about the amount of comments about brass as an "out of the box" choice! I feel like i'm seeing it a lot lately in both kitchens and home design. I'm really loving the warmth of it. Mixing it with the range and the fridge stainless steel just feels a little more eclectic.

    I finally got the pantry straightened up, and took some pictures. The finished space is about 7' deep by 6' wide. It was formerly a nook in the kitchen that was sooooo dysfunctional. We had an old banquette seating setup in it, with a small coffee table. It wasn't big enough for a table and chairs. Noone ever sat in there, and it was just sooo odd. So, we boxed it in, put doors on it, and called it a pantry!

    Here's the view from the outside. The pantry is sandwiched between the back stairway on the right and my desk on the left. We used a standard door, split it down the middle, and added swing hinges.

    Our printer is awful big, so instead of taking up valuable desk space, we planned to install in it the bottom of the back wall. The lower shelves in the pantry are 18" deep, and the upper are 12". The window was previously there in the old kitchen nook, and it makes for a lovely, open feeling in the pantry. Again, lights not usually necessary.

    I'm trying to keep the regular-use food and such on the bottom and lower two top shelves. None of us are tall people here!

    It's been so nice to have the things that previously lived on basement shelves back upstairs (extra large tupperware, paper towels, extra baskets, the wok, large serving pieces, etc)

    This is an inexpensive ceiling light that I got at Home Depot, a Hampton Bay I think. It was a silver finish, and I redid it with a coat of gold spray paint and a brassier Rub & Buff.

    Extra storage for plastic bags, and a small basket that I use to tote things to the kitchen.

    This is kind of cool - it's the opening for the incinerator shoot, straight out of 1930. In the basement masonry wall is a small incinerator, I assume used for kitchen scraps … it's really not big, maybe 2' x 2'. I just couldn't bear to install the beadboard over it…. you can't open it all the way anymore, but it's still there!

    The countertop is a cool re-use idea. When we tore out the old garage ceiling (floor to the tiny rooms above it), we had all these great old floor joists left. We reused most of them to build up the new floor for the new kitchen (we had to bring it up to the level of the existing house). We used a few leftovers to make the pantry countertops, which I love! They were joined (to make the 18" deep), sanded, stained and waxed. They are still rough on the front edges, which is fine with me. I'm not really doing any cooking in here, so they don't need to be perfect. I just love looking at them!

    Hope you've enjoyed a peek into the pantry … I just love having the space to keep everything in one spot, instead of in the basement, stuffed under the banquette, above the fridge, in the dining room.

    My only change would've been to have the pantry a bit closer to the kitchen, but since we were adapting an old nook, it was the only option. So the extra steps are worth it!!!

  • Lisa

    Wow!! I would kill to have a window in my pantry!! So much bright and airy storage in there. I'm so glad you posted the new pics because I was reminded what a beautiful kitchen you have. I scrolled through each and every picture again admiring every detail :)

  • lisa_a

    Love that you kept the old incinerator shoot and that you repurposed old joists as your pantry counters. And I love the basket for carrying items to your kitchen. That's clever!

  • steph2000

    I had come across this thread a few weeks ago when I was trying to catch up with GW. However, my keyboard wasn't working so I couldn't comment. Sooo... I just spent most of a holiday morning backtracking GW to find it again and I just had to say something!

    I love your kitchen. It's the size of my house and you incorporated many of my favorite things - including that dreamy quartzite and the perfect backsplash behind the range. I'm a sucker for wall scones and your choices are wonderful. You even manage to make brass look good!

    It's enough to make a girl reconsider safe choices on the range wall, really....but I swear, I'm not a bit green with envy, just a tad Ming blue.

    Bravo. I'm sure you are thoroughly loving your new kitchen but I wanted to take the time to give you a shout out.

  • susanlynn2012

    I love your kitchen so much! So beautiful and peaceful with gorgeous kitchen cabinets with so much light! I especially love your White Moon Quartzite, honed, pencil round edge counters! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • oldbat2be

    How did I miss this first time around? I found this from a link on another thread and so enjoyed seeing your kitchen. I loved your lighting choices, the serenity and the contrasts, countertop, pops of color, inset cabinet choices, backsplash, fabulous windows and doors, and all that natural light. Seeing your pantry was icing on the cake:) -- I enjoyed hearing how you reused the floor joists for the countertop - again, just the right contrast to add interest. I'm even admiring the color of the wooden stairs you show to the right of the pantry. Um, do you travel and would you be willing to come help me with about 100 projects?!!

  • meyerk9

    really awesome job!

  • michoumonster

    oh wow!! AMAZEBALLS!! I can't believe I missed this reveal before!! such a stunning space!! your pantry is so interesting and charming too.

  • mom2sulu

    Still one of my favorite GW kitchens--just delightful!

  • magpier

    Just came across this reveal. This kitchen is outstanding. I love everything about it (and the pantry). I will be stealing as many of these great ideas as possible. I hope you are still enjoying this wonderful space.

  • smm5525

    Hi I had a question about the Isaac sconce. I'm looking into the long vs short arm and wasn't sure if the short would be too short. Any thoughts on the long arm that you have being too long or just right? I'm also mounting above Windows

  • rjknsf

    Marking this for reference.

  • kimihh

    This is one thread that I'm glad to see revived every so often. I never get tired of seeing this kitchen, and in fact I find something new to love every time I see it!

  • L S

    @smm5525 ... it's been a long time since you asked your questions, and I'm so sorry I didn't check back. The Isaac sconce is perfect comes out about 1/3 of the way onto my countertop. That said, it's really accent lighting, so it doesn't provide *that much * light. But I sure love the way they look - hope it worked out for you, too!

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    Oh, no! Your pictures are gone!

  • sawyer212

    Cheryl I wanted to see the pics too, but they aren't showing up for me either!

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Grrrrr .... disappearing pictures destroy the archive.

  • Cheryl Hewitt

    It's really too bad, because this is an amazing space.

  • cluelessincolorado

    Google lauraeds gardenweb

    then choose images

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