Should I Repaint Kitchen or Leave As Is?

Ashley Palmer
4 years ago
Hello friends!

Houzz has been so wonderful to me and I'm so grateful for all the help and support because trust me I need it.

When we bought the house in April I hated my kitchen cabinets because they were cream, but then when I started painting the house and the kitchen (powder blue by SW), I realized that the cream cabinets are gorgeous when surrounded by the right color. Because the walls were originally white, the cabinets looked dingy and green.

Anyways my dilemma, I was debating whether or not I should continue the warm gray into the kitchen or leave the cabinets as is. If I continued the warm gray from the bay window area (breakfast nook) into the kitchen, I would want to change out the handles on the cabinets to a bronze color.

I would love your opinions. I'm really liking the look of creamy kitchens :-)

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