Hard pruning and relocating a cotinus smoke bush

21 days ago
last modified: 21 days ago

Hi, We have a poor misguided smoke bush that was planted a long time ago under a huge pine.

The bush was never pruned and it grew toward the light. So it is main stem is long, bare and leaning toward the light. The main trunk is about 4 inches at the most in diameter.

I know they can be hard pruned in spring, and to expect a huge surge in new growth that season. Since these get so energized when they are cut back, I am unsure WHEN to relocate the bush. They don't sound quite normal LOL.

Do you think it is safe to relocate it while dormant this spring?


should I take the safer route--shovel prune so it grows more feeder roots this spring and then relocate the shrub in fall or even next spring?

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