Spare Room- Pantry or Play Room?

15 days ago

We are remodeling a 2800 sq ft house. It is 3bed/3bath plus a laundry room, office, and a 9x10 room without any windows right off of the kitchen (use to be an office but we are using the bonus upstairs room as an office instead). I am debating on using this spare 9x10 room as either a kids playroom or a pantry/storage room with freezer and large safe . The kids bedrooms are both pretty large and we only have 2 kids. They could possibly share one room in the future (when baby is out of crib) and use the other bedroom as a playroom.
What would you use the spare room for if it was your house? My sisters both think the kids rooms are large enough to store toys, so a play room isn't necessary. But I had been planning on it being a playroom so now I'm trying to visualize it as a pantry. We do need a pantry, but using a 9x10 room for one feels strange to me.

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