Contract/estimate question

Kara Barkley
2 months ago

Hi all,

I have a question about my construction invoice/quote. I received a 4 page quote from the general contractor, with a description of everything to be done (kitchen and bath remodel) and one lump sum total, let's call it $50,000. Within the description field there are allowances for things like tile, hardware, etc., with a $ amount for each. This is my first remodel project, but my assumption was that those amounts were INCLUDED in the lump sum of $50k. I thought if I spent more than $300 on hardware, I would only owe them the difference. So first question - am I understanding allowances correctly?

What has happened as we've progressed is that I've purchased almost all of these items directly - example, I found the hardware I liked at a store and just bought it myself. Same with the tile and some other items. So I asked the contractor if I would just get a credit back for those things in my final payment. They said no, that those figures are just estimates for my knowledge - like to help me budget - but are NOT factored in the large lump sum. Does that sound typical and normal?

I should add that I have had a nearly perfect experience with this contractor since the project started a couple of months ago. I do not think they're trying to scam me. I'm just wondering if I was totally wrong to have the assumption I did or if I should argue the point. I've included just one small section of the 4 page quote.

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