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18,333 Nursery Ideas

7 Building Blocks for Creating Your Dream Nursery

Put a focus on color, play, whimsy and more for an uplifting space that will grow with your baby

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Nursery Ideas

There is no space quite like a baby nursery. It’s the place your new family will experience many amazing moments together, including those oh-so-lovely diaper changes. Depending on your child’s mood, a baby room needs to be simultaneously calm, exciting, soothing or functional, and yes, there is a way to achieve all of those at one time. Here are some tips for implementing the best baby room ideas to work with your child’s every mood:

Baby nurseries should be designed to please adults too. Your child might not remember the stylish crib (or those amazingly chic curtains you bought to contrast the stripes you painted on the walls), but they will remember the feeling of love and security that comes from being in a nursery you both enjoy. As you browse nursery ideas, keep in mind which features will make you most comfortable — if you’re comfortable and relaxed, it’s likely your baby will be too.

How do I choose baby girl room ideas?

Nurseries for girls can range from soft and sweet to bold and bright. Colors play an important role in girls’ nursery designs; while pink is the obvious color choice for such baby rooms, don’t feel like you have to conform to this standard. Pick a color that you like — maybe an elegant deep purple or a soft coral, and incorporate it into the room so that it’s not overbearing. Don’t be afraid to use patterns in wallpaper, rugs and curtains to introduce your color into baby rooms. Mixing and matching feminine florals, solids and geometrics in coordinating colors can help achieve a layered look and be visually stimulating for your baby girl.

How do I choose baby boy room ideas?

When it comes to baby room ideas for the little guy, picking a theme can be more important than color. Most nursery themes for boys use a similar color palette: white, blues, greens and maybe a hint of red. So think about what toys or hobbies your boy might grow up to like; sports, motor vehicles (cars, trains and planes) and the great outdoors are perfect starting points for your boy nursery ideas. You can even go with something as simple and masculine as plaid. With plain furniture, you can use toys, bedding and fun wall decals or photos as nursery decor to bring the theme to life throughout the space.

How do I decorate a gender neutral nursery?

Finding good neutral nursery decorating ideas is easier than you might think. If you want to be surprised, or are lucky enough to have twins of different genders, a neutral nursery design will be welcoming to all small bundles of joy. Neutral does not have to be boring. Play with mixing shades of blues, greens, yellows and oranges, and bring in some metallic or wood accents to tie things together. Have fun with the furniture and textures in the room. Look for pieces that will transition well to either gender. Animals and outdoor motifs, such as nautical or beach themes, are great neutral nursery room ideas. If you find something you like, go for it! Make sure you are using products that will be safe for your child once they start crawling, climbing and walking — it happens sooner than you might think.