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Baby Mobiles

When a child is young and just starting to explore the world, visual stimulation is an important part of the learning process. Since newborns and infants are too young for books, and often need time to adjust to interactive toys, mobiles are a great addition above any crib. Hanging mobiles often play double duty in a nursery: Besides entertaining your baby before and after nap time, it also acts as additional decor, especially since they come in so many beautiful patterns and colors. As you make your purchase, be sure to consider these two functions, as well as these tips.

Why do I need a mobile in my nursery?

Even though a baby mobile might seem like just another pretty nursery decoration, it does serve a purpose. In the early stages of life, babies need plenty of stimulation, and a mobile's colors, shapes and movement perfectly fills that requirement. Infants spend a lot of time in their cribs, so having something to look at, but not necessarily touch, can help calm and entertain them — and possibly lessen the ear-splitting crying and screaming once they wake up!

What style mobile should I buy?

Hanging mobiles are all about bold colors and shape variation, so pick out one that is fun, bright and reflective of your nursery decor. The options are endless, but common themes include butterflies, birds, clouds, planes, boats, hearts and animals. You can also get creative with your materials; depending on the look you're going for and overall durability requirements, you can find wood, plastic, paper and felt options.

Where should I place the hanging mobile?

Baby mobiles are most often placed above the crib, where infants can enjoy them before and after nap time. If you're looking to branch out, they can also be placed next to the crib or above the changing table. In the end, you want it in a spot where your child can look at it and enjoy it on a regular basis.