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For the avid movie collector or old-school LP fan, it can be a challenge finding adequate storage for your hobby. This challenge is amplified if you don’t necessarily want your collection on display or if you need a nook to hide away all the cables and wires connected to your audiovisual equipment. Thankfully the media cabinet rises to both of these challenges, providing a perfect cubby for your Blu-ray disc collection and vinyl player and a stylish facade that doesn’t give away any hints as to what’s inside.

From contemporary to traditional, modern to just plain unique, media cabinets come in a huge variety of designs and styles. Some stereo cabinet styles flip open, like kitchen cabinets, while others offer rolling panel doors. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose to bring home an impressive, wide DVD cabinet that can double as a TV stand or an extra place to show off your home decor accessories. If horizontal space is a concern, make use of your vertical wall space with a tall DVD storage cabinet, or, better yet, a corner media cabinet that can be tucked right in.

Whatever your style and whatever your needs, you’ll find dozens of elegant, fun and fresh media cabinets right here on Houzz.