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Many homeowners have a love/hate relationship with their home office. With its myriad of electronics, wires, cables, papers, writing utensils and tiny accessories, it doesn’t take much for an office to become a cluttered mess that hinders productivity instead of promoting it. However, with a huge selection of desks, filing cabinets and office carts available, you can add Office Storage to quickly tackle the mayhem and get your office back in order!

The first stop is your desk, which can come equipped with a few handy drawers or even a hutch with shelves and cubbies. If you prefer a minimalist look, you may want to opt for a desk without these extras. Never fear, anything that isn’t left in your desk drawers and cubbies can easily be placed on bookshelves or in storage boxes instead. Another clever solution is topping desks off with short bookcases. These can also double as a place to add decorative desk accessories, a charging station or even additional books, journals and sticky notes.

Filing cabinets are an age-old solution to those piles of papers, whether they be the last seven years’ worth of tax records or the title to your home. Your filing cabinet can come in a range of sizes and materials, with wood and metal two-, three- and four-drawer styles being most popular. If you have the space to spare, you might consider a lateral file cabinet, which can also double as a console or side table with its long, horizontal shape.

Don’t keep your storage bins corralled in the closet or living room. They can add a touch of texture, color and pattern to your home office, plus provide a place for loose cables and chargers. Be sure to label each cable and charger to note what piece of equipment it belongs to. This will keep you from having to deal with the frustrating task of trying to match cables to electronics later on.

Keep your office tidy and promote your motivation with our collection of clever, colorful and unique office storage solutions.