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When deciding on nursery decor, try to think long term. Go with a style that can last up to 6 years, or until a child starts to voice their opinion about the look of their room. While decorating the nursery is only one small part of preparing for a newborn, it’s the perfect chance to have some fun! As you start the process of picking out baby room decor, keep in mind the following advice to make it a safe and inspiring place for your child to grow.

Should I create a theme with my nursery decor?

One of the fun things about decorating for a baby is the breadth of themes you can incorporate, ranging from owls and elephants to outer space, butterflies or cars. While your baby is growing, you can use this opportunity to pick out a subject or theme you and your child love. Reflect on your own hobbies and passions and consider making it a theme. This theme can be reflected in wall decals, and you can also use stencils to paint patterns above the crib or around the nursery. Bring in a personal touch by painting a mural on the wall. Consider bringing out your theme even further with stuffed animals as well as fabric patterns used in curtains or bedding. Greens, yellows and blues tend to be neutral colors that will work for boys and girls alike, but ultimately go with what makes you happy, as you will be spending a significant amount of time in here as well.

Can nursery room decor contribute to my baby’s development?

Of course. Everything your little one sees, hears or touches can stimulate their senses and help them develop new skills. Baby mobiles, for example, are great developmental toys for infants and newborns. The movement of a mobile can help them learn to control and focus their vision, while any sounds it makes can both keep them entertained and lull them to sleep. Keep in mind you will be hearing these sounds as well, so be honest with yourself — is it something that will drive you insane after a week? You can always opt for the non-musical option, and simply find the one that’s most fitting for the overall theme, be it black and white, colorful, or even personalized with family photos. As with all baby items, consider safety first: if it’s something that’s ok for them to reach and play with, make sure it’s securely fastened and can’t be pulled down or get tangled.

What other nursery decorations should I use?

Baby bedding is always a great place to start. Try some adorable patterned crib sheets paired with a coordinating bumper and dust ruffle. Pick out a soft throw to continue the theme and keep your baby warm as you rock them in a glider. Kid’s rugs are also a great way to incorporate some color and texture, while providing them with a soft, safe place to crawl and play. For the walls, try spelling your baby’s name out with patterned wall letters above a door or by the crib. Or go DIY and hang a handmade garland across the wall or frame some pages from your favorite childhood books. You can also hang a quilt as a piece of tapestry or apply baby-themed wallpaper. For lighting, a themed switch plate and night light are nice touches, or a chandelier can be an elegant and timeless option, especially for a girly room. Don’t forget to incorporate decorative storage items like a toy box or toy organizers to keep toys from scattering all over the room.