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Hammocks and Swing Chairs

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Trendy, fun and comfortable, hammocks and hanging chairs instantly transform any patio or porch into an outdoor oasis. These stylish seats are available in a variety of colors, sizes, materials and shapes, and can range from colorful and fringed to sleek and chic. From hanging egg chairs to swing beds, browse popular hammock options below and find the perfect piece to unwind in!

How do I choose a hammock or swing chair?

Before you begin shopping for your new relaxation nest, think about where your hammock or hanging chair will get the most use, and which style will best serve your needs. Do you want to place one on your patio but have no ceiling to suspend it from? No ceiling, no problem — consider a porch swing or a hammock with a stand. Are you hoping to create a cozy reading nook in a quiet corner of your backyard? Look into purchasing a hanging cocoon or portable hammock swing. Is the goal to glam up your deck? The hanging egg chair is a popular and timeless choice for outdoor seating, and always a great conversation starter when company is over.

Additionally, assess how many people will be using these pieces; if it’s just for you, a singular size will do, but if more than one person will be sharing the seat at a time, consider a double hammock or swing bed.

What kinds of hammocks are available?

Simply hearing the word “hammock” elicits an overwhelming urge to grab a book and a beverage, and fritter the day away in a hanging recliner. Given their relaxing nature and unique shape, hammocks have become increasingly popular over the years, and there are now several different types one can choose from. Here's a quick breakdown of your options:

Quilted hammocks just sound ultra comfy, and rightfully so — they feature a plush, quilted center, sandwiched between layers of fabric, and are ideal for colder climates. Highly versatile and stylish, these cozy seats are usually reversible and equipped with stabilizing spreader bars that keep the bed area open and safe, making them ideal for kids. You can hang your new hammock between two sturdy trees, or purchase a quilted hammock with a stand. In terms of materials, canvas is the most durable, weatherproof material for outdoor usage, whereas cotton is the most susceptible to mold and mildew buildup.

A rope hammock is the epitome of rest and relaxation. This classic design lets air flow through the gaps in the weave, making them perfect for hot sunny days and tropical retreats. Again, keep in mind that cotton is more prone to mildew and mold than other rope fiber options — because of this, consider a polyester rope hammock.

South American hammocks are exotic, lively pieces that instantly energize an outdoor area with their bright colors, bold patterns and playful tassels. They typically come in Nicaraguan, Brazilian or Mayan style; while all three of these are very similar, they each have noticeable differences.

The Nicaraguan hammock is both comfortable and complementary, and usually features fringing that makes it even more eye-catching. Nicaraguan hammocks are double-woven and comprised of tightly stitched but breathable, durable cotton. These unique pieces do not have a spreader bar, and can be hung between trees or on a custom hammock stand.

The Mayan hammock is a brightly colored piece composed of either thin cotton or nylon thread, and the weave is breathable and soft, which is ideal for molding to one’s body shape. Given their light weight and lack of spreader bar, Mayan hammocks are popular among campers and outdoor adventurers; they are aesthetically similar to the Nicaraguan style, but the looser stitch makes them more flexible. However, due to this thinner stitching, keep in mind that these pieces can be more easily damaged by protruding buttons or jean zippers than a thicker stringed product.

The Brazilian hammock is a highly durable option. These hardwearing pieces are handwoven using thick cotton, which is ideal for keeping warm during chilly nights; additionally, the weave is incredibly strong, so there’s a very slim chance that you’ll ever damage the bed when you’re using it. They traditionally come without spreader bars (however, there is a certain design with bars that combines the airy comfort of a rope hammock with the cozy appeal of the thicker Brazilian weave) and some Brazilian hammocks feature elaborate fringe detailing that gives off a palatial, luxurious vibe. The high-quality and colorful aesthetic of these loungers make it ideal for families with kids, as well as a great pick for colder climates.

Just like the name infers, poolside hammocks are specifically designed to be used around water. These hammocks are made from durable material that is specifically water-and-fade-resistant, and are ideal for trips to the beach or just lounging by the pool. Poolside hammocks traditionally have spreader bars for easier, more open access, and can be hung from a stand or suspended between two trees. These pieces are most popular in warmer areas and seaside locales due to their ability to tolerate all kinds of elements. Their specific fabric makes them slightly less cozy than other types of hammocks, but you and your wet bathing suit will be excited to sink into a seat that’s made just for you after a long swim!

The travel hammock is the perfectly portable, lightweight accessory for the serious adventurer. A favorite among backpackers and hikers, these ideal camping pieces usually come in a weatherproof material and are easy to set up and take down. If you’re exploring a relatively warm area, ditch the tent and set up a portable hammock to sleep in under the stars. If it’s too cold at night, a camping hammock is still ideal for daytime naps and reading breaks. Keep in mind that many national parks do not allow you to hang things on trees, so you may need to look into a suspension system or compact stand.

What kinds of outdoor hanging chairs are available?

Whether you’re into sleek designs or prefer something with a colorful aesthetic, a swing chair will inevitably brighten up and complement your yard. Many hanging lounge chairs come shaped like leaves or nests, while others look as if they’d defy gravity with their aerodynamic designs. Consider these seating styles:

A hammock chair is a great alternative for a small space. This design is also more stable and less prone to flipping over while you get comfy, which makes them a great choice for children (or for those of us who lack balance!). There are portable chair hammocks that come with a stand as well as hammock chairs that do require set-up, so make sure you choose the model that best suits your needs and your space!

Hanging egg chairs are just that — egg-shaped, human-sized baskets that look great placed pretty much anywhere. They resemble an egg cut in half, and often have a pillow tucked in the bottom for more cushy seating. Hanging egg chairs come in a variety of materials, such as wicker and rattan, and traditionally come with a stand so they can be freestanding.

A hanging cocoon or cocoon chair is a tent suspended by a rope or chain. These hammock tents maintain their round shape with a metal ring, but some of them are filled with cushions and have a more casual, slouchy shape. Given their cozy nature and weatherproof, UV-protecting fabric, hanging nests make for great playhouses or reading nooks, and are ideal for hanging in a quiet corner of your garden.

Where and how should I set up my new hammock or swing chair?

Traditionally, hammocks and hanging chairs go outside, but if you have enough space and the right setup for suspension (or space for a standalone piece), these cozy seats can definitely work indoors. For outdoor usage, hanging hammocks and swing chairs can be mounted on a covered porch, deck or patio, or wherever there’s a ceiling to suspend them from — most models can also be suspended from a stand so they can be freestanding pieces.

Wherever you decide to place your new hanging recliner, be sure to properly install it! Always follow the guidelines, set-up instructions and weight limits set out by the manufacturer and/or retailer. The hanging points for each end of the hammock should be within the minimum and maximum limits outlined by the manufacturer. If the hammock is stretched too far, it’s more likely to tip; conversely, if the hammock is not stretched far enough, it will sag and hit the ground when you sit on it.

Also, ensure that your hanging chair or hammock has enough space around it so that it won’t bump into walls, furniture or foliage as it gently sways — this can damage the material and make for an irritating experience. Lastly, please be safe! Don’t jump into hanging pieces or use them as playgrounds — they are designed for relaxation, not horseplay, and can cause injuries when not used properly.