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Shoe Storage

Shoes: You just have to collect them all. While shoe shopping might be fun, coming home and searching for space to house your recently expanded collection can be a pain. Smart storage solutions will make the transition from the store to your closet seamless and effortless. Give our shopping tips a read, then pick out the perfect shoe organizer for your space:

How do I find the best shoe storage solution for me?

Experts advise that you first divide your collection into three categories: shoes you wear daily, shoes you wear on the weekend and shoes for special occasions. Shoes you wear on a day-to-day basis should be kept in an accessible area by your front door. Shoes you wear on the weekends and on special occasions can be kept in your bedroom closet, though you may want to place those special occasion favorites in an out of the way but still visible spot to make more room for — you guessed it! — even more shoes!

Before you invest in a shoe rack, it’s a great idea to declutter your collection so you won’t be taking up valuable space with shoes you no longer wear. Also be sure to measure the space for your new shoe cabinet before you head to the store; you should also keep in mind that you might need a different kind of rack for different styles, such as high heels and boots.

I’m tight on space but still need a shoe organizer. What options do I have?

Rest assured — you’re not alone if you don’t have space to dedicate to a giant closet. There are plenty of nifty storage solutions out there that will hide away that unruly pile of shoes and take up minimum space. An over-the-door shoe rack uses extra space wisely, while shoe bags and clear boxes can be used to stow your collection under the bed. A shoe tree is a great idea if you have vertical space to spare but not much horizontal space, and some entryway shoe cabinets also come in tall and thin variations that will easily tuck into a corner by your front door.
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Featured Reviews of Shoe Storage

Theodor Shoe Dresser
Shoe Storage
April 22, 2017
Fantastic Find! Love it! A++: Just what I was looking for! High quality, Very much like a piece of furniture. Wood not pressed board. Heavy, good solid construction. Simple to assemble. All parts included, all predrilled holds perfect. Doors hung perfectly. Can't be more pleased. Worth every penny!
Simms Modern Shoe Cabinet, White
Shoe Storage
June 17, 2017
Once you get past the assembly.: Challenge to assemble - took me, my husband and FIL (engineer) to wrangle this thing together. With that said, it has modern clean look. Keeps our umpteen thousand shoes off the floor and gives us some reprieve from entrway chaos. Definitely need to be secured to the wall or it will certainly topple onto small children.
Deluxe Double Shoe Cabinet
Shoe Storage
November 30, 2017
shoe hide-a-way: I love love love my shoe cabinet. I looked and looked for a cabinet to store lots of shoes and not show the shoes. I wanted a neat finished look and that is what I have in my cabinet. No one knows what I have in the cabinet until I show them.
Gold Sparrow 10 Tier Shoe Rack, Beige
Shoe Storage
August 30, 2017
Gold Sparrow 10 Tier Shoe Rack: I ordered this and love the way it looks in my closet. It's neat and fits snugly. My only issue is that the shelving is literally paper and tears very easily. It would have been nice if they made the shelving a little sturdier.
Adalwin and 2-Door Dark Brown Wooden Entryway Shoes Storage Cabinet
Shoe Storage
February 21, 2017
Good quality, assembling took a little time: The shoe cabinet looks great, good quality too (made of particle boards, similar to ikea furniture). The instruction can use some improvement though, out of all the furnitures I bought, this one was the most complicated and took the longest time, but it's still doable with some patience. You will need hammer and a drill may be helpful too, coz the holes for the feet are not predrilled, so if you don't have a drill, it can take hours to try to screw them into the wood base. Also I would recommend to do the backboards last, we did them first and after we assembled everything, found the sides of the cabinet bulking out, if you do the backboards last you can adjust it by pushing the sides in a little make sure everything is square then use the backboards to hold everything in place. Overall 5 stars for the product, but 3 for the instructions.
Tierra Garden 2-Tier Boot Tray, Black
Shoe Storage
January 13, 2017
DIY Assembly with Easy to Follow Instructions: This 2 tiered boot tray was the perfect solution for a walk in closet maximizing my winter/rain boot space. Overall I like the basic design. There are assembling instructions, which are very easy to follow. My only beef about this product is the quality of materials for the end pieces for each pole. They are a hard plastic and make the assembly a bit difficult. After hammering the end pieces into the pole openings, I then screwed them into the trays where holes are pre drilled. However the screws would not go in straight or at all as the end pieces were not threaded. So I came up with a solution to lubricate the hole itself and the screw threads. I used a manual screw driver and got the screws flush with the trays. Once together, it stands up straight, holds boots top and bottom. The top tray moves a bit when you add or remove boots but the bottom holds steady. Since this is a DIY object, I think the design is worth the sale price and I only wish those hard plastic ends were made of something more user friendly, like the rest of the stand.
All Weather Oversized Boot Tray 30�x15�x 1.25� by Stalwart (Black)
Shoe Storage
May 7, 2018
Keep Your Floor Clean: These mats are perfect for keeping our shoes and floors clean. We bought them to use under our new chest of drawers. Perfect fit! Easy to purchase online and delivered on time, no hassle experience.
Boot Tray
Shoe Storage
June 19, 2016
Excellent quality: Large, Heavy-duty rubber tray, functional yet decorative tucked under our mudroom bench. We purchased two this spring one in the mudroom for garden boots and the other as suggested, for the back of our SUV for hauling plants from the nursery. No slipping or sliding around in the trunk, no spilled potting soil to clean up! Can't wait until winter for snow covered boots. No more moping up puddles by the door! What a great idea!
Oceanstar Bamboo Shoe Rack, 3 Tier
Shoe Storage
March 6, 2017
less sturdy than anticipated.: The rack has a nice appearance but not quite as sturdy as I expected. But at that great price, how could I expect more. It was very simple to assemble and is perfect for the area needed.
Fernanda and 3-Door Oak Brown Wooden Entryway Shoes Storage Wide Cabinet
Shoe Storage
December 25, 2016
Looks nice but feels a little cheap: Really like this cabinet! Shipping was super fast! Came within 2 days & Houzz had the best deal on it! It took awhile to put together with the 1 terrible page of instructions. The covers for the nail holes would not fit but other than that it turned out great. It's not a heavy piece of furniture but it looks like it from a distance. Overall I'm happy with it since it's serving it's purpose holding our shoes and diaper bags.

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