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418,998 Family Room Ideas

15 Fun Features for Family Rooms

Put the family back in your family room with a colorful mural, photo gallery or table ready for your gang’s favorite game

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Family Room Ideas

As a primary space for relaxation and fun, family rooms often serve multiple functions. Since they’re more casual than traditional living rooms, they tend to see lots of use — TV, reading and game night are all acceptable. As the go-to spot for so many activities, consider family room ideas that include plenty of storage and seating. Planning your family room design prior to decorating is key, so read on for tips to design your ideal space.

What kind of storage should I add to my family room design?

Before you start your remodel, consider your overall storage needs. Family room designs should be able to accommodate all of the items you usually keep in such a space, whether with built-ins or freestanding furniture. If you have young kids, toys might be an issue, so built-in cabinets or toy boxes would be worthwhile family room ideas to invest in. For high-tech families, add shelves for movies and video games and cabinets to hide small electronics like game consoles and DVD players. Better yet, invest in a large entertainment center or media console for a cohesive look. To encourage good work habits pieces such as a bookshelf, desk, work table or built-in counter for homework and document organization can be a lifesaver. Once you've planned out your storage needs, it's time to start thinking about the fun family room ideas!

How do I decorate my family room?

Since family rooms generally have an informal feel, they lend themselves well to a casual but fun decor style. Don't be afraid of bright family room decorating ideas, but be careful of going overboard. You can either stick with neutral furniture and bright accents, or highlight the furniture and scale back the accessories. Regardless, your family room decor should include functional and kid (or pet) friendly items, such as easy-to-clean rugs, throw pillows and curtains. This is definitely one space in the home that should have plenty of character and personality, so be sure to bring in personal knickknacks, like colorful accessories and family photos to liven up even the most simplistic family room design ideas. Top it all off with mirrors, lamps and proper ceiling lighting to help light flow throughout the space. If you’re stuck for ideas, browse pictures of family rooms to draw more decor inspiration — who knows, you might be struck by one that you previously passed by!