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After a long day at work or school, many of us have the tendency to walk through the front door, drop everything and head for the couch. Because of this, the entryway can get pretty messy with shoes, bags, coats and more. Minimize front-door mania with some well-placed entryway products, including coatracks, benches and baskets — and don’t forget to give your family a pep talk so they follow through with your new system.

Have plenty of entryway hooks on hand.

To ensure that no coats, sweatshirts or rain jackets go without a home, place more hooks than you need near the front door. Don’t think about just your family; think about your guests too. When friends and family come to visit, make sure to have designated racks or stands so no one has to fight over coatrack real estate.

Think about where to stock those shoes.

Circumvent a wet, muddy mess by including an entryway rug that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. A doormat outside the front door will hopefully catch some of the dirt before it makes its way in, but having another rug on hand will help keep that wood floor or carpet clean. To encourage a shoes-off rule in your home, find a convenient place near the front door for stashing shoes. Use either a boot tray or shoe rack so family and friends don’t have to think twice about taking them off.

Find a place for your seasonal accessories.

Whether they’re sunglasses and baseball caps in the summer or scarves and hats in the winter, small accessories are a given, and they often get thrown down and forgotten near the entryway. Avoid a pileup by using wicker or wire baskets to house these smaller accessories, and keep umbrellas in check with an umbrella stand.

Add an entryway bench.

Make putting on rain boots easier by placing a wood bench near the front door. Not only would it come in handy for putting on shoes, but you can find one with nooks for baskets or bins, making it a great storage option as well.

Give each family member a cubby.

Avoid confusion by providing built-in entryway lockers for each individual. If space is an issue, you can always use personal wicker baskets and coat hooks instead. As long as each person has a spot, there will be no fighting over particular cubbies or hooks, which will lead to easier grab-and-go in the morning.

Use decorations to make it feel like home.

The entryway is the first glimpse guests (and you) get of the interior of your home, so make it cozy and welcoming by adding some personal touches. Welcome mats are a great way to immediately bring in a touch of personality, and entryway mirrors add style while simultaneously making the area feel larger. To add some warmth and additional decor, pile a console table with flowers, candles and picture frames.

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