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Black Bull 3.5 Gallon Portable Parts Washer
Black Bull 3.5 Gallon Portable Parts Washerby Black Bull
Description: Whether you are a do it yourselfer working out of your garage, operate a small auto repair business, or taking care of equipment and engine repairs at the ranch or farm, your going to need a parts washer to remove the grease and grime from the engine components. You're going to need Black Bull 3.5 Gallon Portable Parts Washer. This 5 gallon parts washer with a 3.5 gallon solvent capacity is small and easy to move. The pump can output up to 210 gallons per hour, and recirculates up to .3 gallons of solvent per hour. Safe and convenient to use, this parts washer features a fusible-link arm with steel lid, and a convenient removable tray with drainage holes that allow for quick drying and easy examination of parts. Features * Removes grease, grime and oil from engine components, oil pans, carburetors and more. Fully enclosed electric pump recirculates fluid for quick parts washing, small size is easily to transport. Convenient removable tray with drainage holes. Black powder coat paint finish. * Heavy-duty steel construction. Flexible chrome plated nozzle adjusts for full coverage. 5 gal. tank capacity / 3.5 gal. solvent capacity, 120 Volts / 60 Hz water pump, fusible link arm and steel lid. * Max. Pump output: 22 gph flow rate (with flexible pipe), max. Pump output: 210 gph flow rate (without flexible pipe), recirculates .3gpm of solvent. Rated voltage 120 Volt / 60 Hz. Overall dimensions: 18 in.W x 9 in.H x 13.5 in.D. * Material: Metal. Color: Black. Warranty: 90 Day Limited. * Weight: 12 Lbs.Dimension: 18"Lx13.5"Wx9"H *Model Number:1211-PWASH35Read More
All-in-one 1200 RPM New Version Compact Convertible Combo Washer Dryer in, Black
All-in-one 1200 RPM New Version Compact Convertible Combo Washer Dryer in, Blackby Conserv by Equator
The Super Combo Washer-Dryer 4400N future of environmental sustainability wrapped in smart minimalist style. It is the slimmest model available in North America making it perfect for tight spaces. With a load capacity of 13-lbs. and a size is an upgraded version of the 4400CV which offers you thee of only 33.5" high x 23.5" wide x 22" deep it coordinates well into any home design and is available in white black or merlot. It features an automatic water level sensor delay start time one-button convertible venting/condensing options a sensor dry feature a wrinkle guard and even an optional booster fan. Its 14 programmable wash/dry functions allow you to protect any fabric type plus it offers Wash Only/Dry Only options. With the spectacular attention to detail it has an LED display an angled 45-degree door handle reducing back strain and pain associated with bending and a child lock. The 4400N has additional features such as Quiet Function Winterize Option Dual Fan for faster drying and easy to use control panel. It holds 15 patents and meets the strict energy standards of 2018 ensuring competitive energy efficiency for years to come. Conserv's Super Combo brings exciting ingenuity to your daily drudgery. Less laundry. More life. Features : 8 Wash cycles : Prewash + Heavy Heavy Standard Quick 20 Baby Delicates Wool Quiet 4 Options : Rinse/Spin Drain only Self-clean Winterize Quiet Function : Operate machine in Quiet Mode less than 60 dB. Perfect for babies night time sleeping in different shifts campgrounds Winterize (For RV users) : Quick 2 minute easy to operate cycle located on knob. Pour anti freeze in drum. Press start Self clean : Rinse and clean tub with a 9 minute rinse cycle Spin speed : High spin speed of 1200 rpm extracts more water reducing dry time Convertible Vented / Ventless : Convert drying mode from Venting to Ventless or vice-versa with the press of a button. ( Vented is 30% Faster drying due to better air flow compared to ventless machines ) Dual Fans for venting : Patented dual fan system only one in the world one fan for blowing air in the drum second fan for pulling air out of the drum to increase air flow and reduce dry time Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle : After dry cycle ends drum turns ½ cycle every 5 minutes rotating clothes so wrinkles do not set in 3 Dry options : Sensor Dry 60-minute Time Dry and Refresh Dry level : Choose from 4 level of dryness - Normal (default) Extra Low and Damp Refresh : Refresh clothes with a 12 minute hot dry cycle to ease folding Automatic heat level : Automatically sets the dryer heat level based on the type of wash setting Redesigned Easy-to-Use Control Panel : Minimalist controls redesigned to operate intuitively. Color Coded LED : 14 functions on knob are easily operated with color coded LED lamps Blue = Wash Red = Dry Orange = Options Add-a-sock option :Add forgotten items to a load mid-cycle by pressing a button on knob End of cycle chime : Pleasing chime to signify end-of-cycle Automatic Dry Level : Choose the right level of dryness of clothes - Extra Normal Low Damp. Angled 45°door handle : Reduces bending to open door 180 degree door swing : Door swings open 180 degrees making unloading of clothes easier and accessible fit for the laundry basket Electronic control panel with Color coded LED display : Smart phone inspires 3 color LCD display lights up operations in the control panel with easy to read symbols Progress bar : Shows progress of wash cycles Remaining time clock : Adds wash and dry time together and displays remaining time for completion Delay Start : Program washer to start upto 24 hours in advance for convenience and to take advantage of lower electricity rate timings. Energy Consumption : $7 Estimated yearly energy cost when used with a natural gas heater ($10.30 with an electric water heater) Water Consumption : 9.5 gallons for Standard wash cycle (One-third the consumption of comparable top-loading machines ) Sensor Dry : Senses when your clothes are dry preventing wrinkles and wastage of electricity Automatic Water Level : Machine weighs clothes and selects the right amount of water for each load - No wastage of water. Auto display off after 5 min: LCD display goes off after 5 minutes showing only the remaining time of the cycle on the screen. Stainless Steel Drum : Stainless steel drum is strong and robust for long term use will not rust or stain Inlet Hoses – Metal Connectors : Strong metal connectors on inlet hoses prevent breakage of hoses that can result in flooding Child lock : The door locks in the wash and dry cycle Adjustable Leveling legs - 4 : Perfectly balance the machine with 4 individual rubber cap screw-tight levelling legs Easy to install - 2 shipping rods : Drum is kept safe during transportation by two shipping rods that are easy to pull out at the time of installation Built-In Diagnostics : Multiple sensors inside machine track all operations and identify faults by showing 12 error codes which help to diagnose a component malfunction Easy to open coin trap : No more calling the plumber to remove coins - Easy to use coin trap solves the problem Self clean option :8 minute rinse cycle of the drum to clean for next use Venting Booster fan option to blow air 50 ft : Extend the range of exhaust from 15 feet to 50 feet with the venting booster fan accessory Portability kit : Make the machine portable with the Portability Kit that includes 4 castors Made in Germany and quick-connect faucet adapter Pedestal : Thoughtfully designed and convenient 10-inch high pedestal with storage drawer. With reservoir on top and drain connction. Colors : Available in White Silver Black Merlot and GoldRead More
850W Electric Automatic Clothes Dryer Portable Laundry Heater Air-Dry Machine
850W Electric Automatic Clothes Dryer Portable Laundry Heater Air-Dry Machineby Yescom
Features: - Portable Clothes Dryer with External Drying Machine - can be used as temporary wardrobe - Large 44 lbs weight capacity with durable stainless steel construction & shelves for drying more clothes - Manual Mode for Your Free Choice - 3 temperature levels & 15 to 180 min drying time - Smart Automatic Mode - 4 modes with pre-set automatic temperature & drying time for different clothes and season requirements - Foldable frame for easy store when not in use - Smart Drying & Multifunctional - just turn it on and wait until your clothes are ready and dry even in bad weather without worry; suitable for most garments including underwear, baby clothes, uniforms, towels and more Specifications: - Rack Expanded Dimension after Assembly(LxWxH): 29 1/2" x 19 11/16" x 59 13/16" (75 x 50 x 152 cm) - Rack Folded Dimension after Assembly(LxWxH): 29 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 67 5/16" (75 x 12 x 171 cm) - Dryer Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 12 5/8" x 6 5/16" x 12 5/8" (32 x 16 x 32 cm) - Upper Shelf Height: 28 15/16" (73.5 cm) - Lower Shelf Height: 27 15/16" (71 cm) - Material: Stainless Steel, ABS, Heat-Resistant Oxford Fabric - Voltage: 110 V - Frequency: 60 Hz - Power: 850 W - Max Capacity: 44 lbs (20 kg) - Net Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg) Package Contents: - 1x Dryer - 1x Oxford Cloth Cover - 4x Lockable Wheels - 1 Set of Pipes - 1 Set of Connecting Pieces - 1x Manual Notice: - Concentrating over 13.2 lbs clothes in one small place is not recommended.Read More
Whirlpool 3DWTW3000FW 15kg Top-Load Washer 220-240 Volts 50 Hz Export Only
Whirlpool 3DWTW3000FW 15kg Top-Load Washer 220-240 Volts 50 Hz Export Onlyby Whirlpool
Will Not Work In The USA – Export Only Features 15 kg / 33 lbs Dry Linen and IEC Capacity 3.5 cu.ft Basket White Color with Grey Console Wide-open Top Lid White Porcelain Drum (spiral pattern) Rotary & Electronic Controls (3) Rotary Knobs and (1) Program Selector Push Start/Pause/Unlock Button Lid Lock with LED Cycle Status Light indicators HE PowerWash® Agitator Spray Rinse Feature 3 Automatic Spin Speeds with maximum 660 RPM Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers 11 Programs: -Jeans/Normal (all temperatures, high spin, w/progressive spray rinse) -Colors (cold temperatures, high spin) -Delicate (all temperatures, low spin, spray rinse) -Quick Wash (all temperatures, high spin, spray rinse) -Wash Only (all temperatures, no spin, no drain) -Whites (all temperatures, high spin) -Deep Clean (all temperatures, low spin) -Bulky Items/Sheets (all temperatures, low spin) -Soak (all temperatures, no spin) -Rinse & Spin (cold temp, high spin) -Drain & Spin (default high spin) Automatic Water Levels 4 Water Temperatures (Tap Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot) w/Cold Rinse 4 Soil Levels/Load Sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) Extra rinse Option ¼ HP Motor Supplied with Power Cord Kit (contains 200cm long universal power cord, power cord supply lock, Shucko plug, British plug) CE Approved, IEC Certified Made in USA Specifications Voltage: 220-240 Volt /50 Hertz, 4 Amps Net (inches): H 42 x W 27 x D 26 Net (cm): H 106.7 x W 68.6 x D 66 Carton (inches): H 46 x W 29 x D 26 Gross Weight: 72kg/ 158 lbs Product Description Welcome to the New Whirlpool High Efficiency Atlantis Top Load Laundry Line-up for 2018. Bragging a 15 kg washing capacity with a 3.5 cubic foot basket, along with the most durable white porcelain tub, this all speaks durability. With the latest High Efficiency Triple Power Wash Agitator, 11 wash cycles, 4 water temperatures, 3 soil levels, this is no basic washing machine.Read More
Stocking up your laundry room with efficient appliances is the first step in making that age-old chore of doing the laundry less tedious. While laundry appliances can’t do everything for you, they sure can reduce the amount of time you’d otherwise spend soaking, scrubbing, drying and smoothing each garment. In case you're still not sure which appliances you'll need to get the job done, here is a rundown of the essentials to get you started:

Washers and dryers are an essential starting point, but if you already own one or simply need to replace the other, you don’t need to buy a whole set. Of course, you’ll want to make sure their load capacities match so you aren’t stuck with a washer that can tackle a hamper full of clothing all at once, only to run into a road block when your dryer can only handle half of the same load.

Some people rely on the heat from their dryer to erase every wrinkle, but most of us prefer to reach crease-free perfection with the help of a clothes steamer or steam iron. These handy devices smooth out even the toughest wrinkles on any number of fabric types, leaving your dress shirts, blouses and pants immaculate.

However you choose to stock up your laundry appliance arsenal, make sure you have ample space at home for each item. Take a look at all of the features offered and figure out which ones you need, which ones are nice to have and which ones you could do without. This will help you narrow down your choices so you can create a laundry space that perfectly fits your needs.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Laundry Room Appliances and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Laundry Room Appliances for sale, from brands like Blancho Bedding, SALAV, and Bosch Home Appliances, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Laundry Room Appliances, like the the Iron With 3-Way Auto-Off or the Haus Maus Laundry Guard washer-dryer surround, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Laundry Room Appliances online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.