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Outdoor Table Lamps

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You can easily enhance the mood in your outdoor areas with outdoor table lamps. Much like their indoor counterparts, these table lamps can throw shadows, cascade light across surfaces and provide a rosy, ambient glow that enhances your rest and relaxation or your outdoor party. However, unlike their indoor counterparts, your outdoor table lamps should feature a waterproof design plus a weatherproof cord.

Another option is a solar table lamp, which foregoes the electrical cord in favor of charging up its power with light from the sun. This is also a more eco- and energy-friendly option, so if you plan to use your outdoor table lamp often it could have a positive impact by lowering your energy bill.

If you prefer not to leave your table lamp outside, or think you might enjoy its light inside as well, a portable lamp or a lamp intended for both indoor and outdoor use can travel inside and out. Whichever style you prefer, you’ll find dozens of elegant, unique and even rustic outdoor table lamps for sale here on Houzz. Browse through our collection and find the perfect one to add some sparkle and glow to your outdoor areas.