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850W Electric Automatic Clothes Dryer Portable Laundry Heater Air-Dry Machine
850W Electric Automatic Clothes Dryer Portable Laundry Heater Air-Dry Machineby Yescom
Features: - Portable Clothes Dryer with External Drying Machine - can be used as temporary wardrobe - Large 44 lbs weight capacity with durable stainless steel construction & shelves for drying more clothes - Manual Mode for Your Free Choice - 3 temperature levels & 15 to 180 min drying time - Smart Automatic Mode - 4 modes with pre-set automatic temperature & drying time for different clothes and season requirements - Foldable frame for easy store when not in use - Smart Drying & Multifunctional - just turn it on and wait until your clothes are ready and dry even in bad weather without worry; suitable for most garments including underwear, baby clothes, uniforms, towels and more Specifications: - Rack Expanded Dimension after Assembly(LxWxH): 29 1/2" x 19 11/16" x 59 13/16" (75 x 50 x 152 cm) - Rack Folded Dimension after Assembly(LxWxH): 29 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 67 5/16" (75 x 12 x 171 cm) - Dryer Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 12 5/8" x 6 5/16" x 12 5/8" (32 x 16 x 32 cm) - Upper Shelf Height: 28 15/16" (73.5 cm) - Lower Shelf Height: 27 15/16" (71 cm) - Material: Stainless Steel, ABS, Heat-Resistant Oxford Fabric - Voltage: 110 V - Frequency: 60 Hz - Power: 850 W - Max Capacity: 44 lbs (20 kg) - Net Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg) Package Contents: - 1x Dryer - 1x Oxford Cloth Cover - 4x Lockable Wheels - 1 Set of Pipes - 1 Set of Connecting Pieces - 1x Manual Notice: - Concentrating over 13.2 lbs clothes in one small place is not recommended.Read More
Costway Electric Shoe Dryer Mighty Warmer Glove Prevent Odor Mold & Bacteria
Costway Electric Shoe Dryer Mighty Warmer Glove Prevent Odor Mold & Bacteriaby Costway
Looking for a quick way to dry your boots and gloves from the snow or rain? Our Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer is just what you are looking for. Simply place boots, gloves, or sneakers on the drying bars and turn on for the drying process to start. This convection style dryer has no fan and provides a completely quiet drying operation. It is ideal for all types of footwear including leather, canvas, vinyl, rubber and plastic and it can be broken down to 2 removable tubes for compact storage, it also features continuous working mode, that can last working for 24 hours! Don't hesitate, come and buy , it will be a great choice to buy Cautions:1. Unplug when not in use. 2. Keep out of reach of children. 3. Place base unit on solid, flat, stable surface while using. 4. Keep all vents and air ducts open and unobstructed while using. 5. Use only as intended for drying footwear and accessories. 6. Drying tubes may be hot when in use. 7. Let unit cool before storing Feature Suitable for all footwear ,all materials Electric boot dryer with powerful silent thermal action sends warm air circulating to remove wetness and odor fast Quickly, safely and gently dries or warm shoes, boots, sneakers and gloves using a thermal convection process Place dryer on solid ,flat surface Monitor your footwear carefully and remove when dry, and turn OFF the switch Place footwear onto tubes, making certain there is a minimum of 6-8 inches from the top of the boot to the base of the appliance 2 stable drying air tubes; ideal for wet or washed leather, canvas, vinyl, plastic and rubber footwear Assembles and disassembles in seconds, no tools necessary; compact and powerful Specification Color:Mixed Black & Grey Overall dimension:10''X 10''X 21.5''(L X W X H) Weight of the whole set:1.87 lbs Rated Power:36W Rated Voltage:1 20V AC Rated Frequency:60Hz ETL listed for product testing Last working for 24 hours Use on:shoes, boots, gloves, hats, accessories Safe for:leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro, modern fabrics The vents can reach 140 to 158 degrees F and Celsius to about 113 to 122 degrees F inside the shoeRead More
While we may take them for granted, clothes dryers are a great example of a modern-day luxury. Best of all, they’re only getting better and smarter, so if you’re in the market for a new dryer, you’re definitely in luck. Of course, this is still a buying decision you don’t want to just stumble into. Your laundry needs plus your budget and available space are all important considerations to look into before taking home a new clothes dryer. Here is some advice to get you on the right track to a bundle of cozy, freshly dried laundry.

Which is better: a gas dryer or an electric dryer?

While some may boast of the benefits of one or the other, deciding between an electric or a gas dryer comes down mainly to how much you want to pay up front versus how much you want to pay for utilities. If you’re looking for a short-term, cost-effective solution, an electric dryer will be your best bet. If you plan to continue using yours for years to come and are OK paying more up front but less on your monthly bill, opt for a gas model.

Of course, you’ll also want to take a peek in your laundry room to see what kinds of hookups are available. Electric models require a 240-volt outlet, which most laundry rooms come equipped with. Gas models require a dedicated gas line as well as a supply of electricity to spin the drum. You can choose to have a gas line added, but don’t forget to factor in that cost to your budget.

What size clothes dryer is right for me?

Chances are, you’ll buy your new tumble dryer as a set, in which case your washer will have a load capacity that matches. However, if you’re buying a replacement dryer or purchasing your laundry appliances separately, you’ll want to make sure the load capacities complement each other. If you already own a washer, check its size before you head to the store. If this is your first time purchasing a laundry appliance set, consider the washing and drying needs of your household. For a one- or two-person family, a compact unit of about 3.4 cubic feet should do as long as you don’t plan to launder any heavy, large garments or bedding. If you do plan to launder large items at least once in a while, or if your family may grow in the near future, search for a full-size clothes dryer that ranges from 5.8 cubic feet to 8.3 cubic feet.

In terms of how your new appliance will fit in your laundry room, you’ll want to measure your allotted space. Be sure to leave at least 3 inches on each side, including the back, to allow room for heat to escape plus pipes and wiring. If horizontal space is an issue, you may want to consider stackable dryers or a stacking kit. Don’t forget to check the distance between the location where your new unit will go and where the hot air it will produce will be vented out of your home. For every turn you have to make to reach the vent, add 8 feet to your total distance; you’ll want the total to equal less than 60 feet. Anything longer could cause a fire hazard and prevent hot air from effectively being vented out of your home.

What kinds of features do tumble dryers come with?

While most dryers will feature at least a few different cycles and timed settings, others may offer extras like a delayed start, steam-cleaning cycles, a drying rack and more. Some even offer ecofriendly settings, which is a huge boon, considering that dryers typically consume more than 10 percent of your total household power. Some ecofriendly models have moisture sensors that can tell when your clothes are dry and shut the cycle off early, while others have efficient dual heating elements. Some models even analyze your home’s energy rates via smart grids to determine when they’re the lowest, then automatically start your load at the optimal time. These models can also sync up with your smartphone or tablet to tell you how you can save more energy and money, plus allow you to analyze your energy consumption habits. If this sounds like technological heaven to you, check to see if your local area has accessible smart grids before you buy. If you’re concerned about your dryer’s energy consumption, you can also adjust your laundry habits by running your laundry loads through one after the other to prevent the drum from having to use more energy to heat up again and again.

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