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Embrace Dish Brush and Sponge Holder
Embrace Dish Brush and Sponge Holderby Sea Stones(3)
Our Embrace Dish Brush and Sponge Holder solves the problem of how to store your dish time essentials. Designed compactly to sit at the edge of your sink, Embrace is form and function in unison. The reclaimed granite base features a hand carved divot that allows the dish brush to stand upright. Two hand curved aluminum rods work together to securely hold your sponge allowing plenty of air to dry. And its stout granite base naturally prevents tipping. The durable, tall aluminum rod is hand formed to capture the brush and is finished with a cute beach stone gathered from New England beaches. Storing the brush upright eliminates the mess of drips from soap-dispensing wands. The natural, organic design keeps your brush and sponge close at hand and allows your dish wand to stand high and dry after each use. The compact design fits perfectly near your sink and the all natural materials look beautiful in your kitchen. Allows your dish brush and sponge to dry after each use. Ends dish soap mess. Keeps dish time essentials out of the way, yet close at hand. Hand carved divot ensures dish brush is always standing tall. Hand bent aluminum rods capture both sponge and dish brush. Sturdy granite base prevents tipping, and soft bottom protects surfaces. Made from reclaimed granite, brushed aluminum, and hand collected smooth beach stones. Designed and handcrafted by our team of local artisans in our New Hampshire studio. Granite and stone color will vary naturally.Read More
KRAUS Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, Gray
KRAUS Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, Grayby Kraus USA, Inc.(1)
No modern kitchen is complete without the multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack from Kraus. The versatile and essential kitchen accessory sports a sharp look and endless uses. Set it over your kitchen sink to rinse and drip-dry fresh produce. Place it on the counter top to dry dishes. A stainless steel, 400F heat-safe construction makes it an excellent trivet to support hot cookware and protect your counters from blistering pots and pans. A soft BPA-free silicone coating cushions delicate dishware and is 100% food-safe. The convenient roll-up design keeps your counters in perfect order. Available in modern matte grey or alluring black, the roll-up dish drying rack puts the final polish on the contemporary kitchen. Benefits & Features Turn Your Kitchen Sink Into Prep Central with this multipurpose roll-up dish drying rack. Helps with every aspect of your kitchen routine, from food prep to cleanup, all while saving counter space Silicone-Coated Stainless Steel: Made from high-quality stainless steel with thick, soft BPA-free silicone coating that cushions delicate dishware and creates a food-safe surface for draining produce after washing Strong and Sturdy Design: Durable construction will not bend or warp even when used with heavy cookware; easily supports 12 qt stockpot full of water Superior Silicone Coating provides a non-slip surface and prevents corrosion and rust Heat-Safe up to 400: Perfect to use as a non-slip trivet for hot pans or baking sheets straight out of the oven. Lay it flat on any kitchen countertop to protect against damage from hot items Use it as a Rinsing Rack: Roll this mat out over your kitchen sink to rinse and drip-dry your fruits and veggies Fits Any Standard-Size Sink Unclutters Countertops by transforming the sink into additional workspace Easy to Store: Rolls up quickly and neatly into a compact cylinder to save space, stores horizontally or vertically Easy to Clean: Dishwasher-safe or simply rinse it off in the sink Measures 20.5 inch x 12.7 inch when fully opened Matte Grey Color will look great with any kitchen sink Why Choose Kraus At Kraus, we are driven to create products of remarkable beauty. Our unwavering dedication to manufacturing affordable kitchen & bath solutions of superior quality can be found in every trace of design. By blending graceful form and flawless functionality, our products bring balance and harmony to any space. Make a statement in your kitchen & bath with our elegant, on trend products that deliver long-lasting performance. From professionals to DIY remodelers and everyone in between, you're invited to experience the exceptional refinements and superior customer service that are our hallmarks. Discover the inspiration that awaits at Kraus, and Live Beautifully.Read More
ToiletTree Products All Purpose Stainless Steel Squeegee
ToiletTree Products All Purpose Stainless Steel Squeegeeby ToiletTree Products(6)
Quality Construction when you pick up this squeegee, you will instantly think to yourself "Quality!" Our squeegee wiper is meticulously crafted from the finest quality stainless steel and silicone material keeping the durabaility and longevity in mind.Even after regular usage, we are sure that this squeegee will last for a long time. Silicone Handle Our squeegee comes with a sturdy silicone handle. The ergonomic handle provides you with a comfortable and non-slip grip. This also ensures minimal hand fatigue during use. Easy to store This squeegee comes with a stainless steel adhesive hook. This hook comes equipped with double-sided tape so that you can attach the hook to any flat non-porous surface for easy hanging. Water resistant-strap Featuring high-quality rubber blades for easy and quick application on different surfaces such as bathroom tiles, shower doors, home mirrors etc. All Purpose Squeegee our squeegee is ideal for indoor and outdoor use both. it is designed to work in the bathroom as well as outside the bathroom. This squeegee can be used on any flat countertop, counters, car windows, mirror, house windows,shower doors,or bathroom tiles, Any surface that need cleaning, well you're coverd with this mini squeegee! ERGONOMIC SILICONE HANDLE- The handle of this squeegee is made of silicone. This provides an ergonomic non-slip grip that is comfortable to use and causes minimal hand fatigue. The silicone handle is smooth and fits in well within your hand. WATER RESISTANT STRAP- This bathroom squeegee comes with a water resistant strap that makes it easy to hang it up. This strap is made water-resistant so that it doesn’t warp due to contact with water and increases the longevity of the product. ALL-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS- This shower squeegee is ergonomic, lightweight and easy to use on bathroom tiles, shower doors, mirrors, house windows, flat counter tops, counters, and car windows for an all-purpose cleanup.Read More
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Everything looks fabulous fresh out of the box. But what about six months in when your floors are scuffed up, your countertops are stained, and your walls have dirt marks? That’s when it’s time for house cleaning supplies to step up. Different rooms require different cleaning supplies, and it’s easiest to build up your arsenal according to each room. Read on to find out which supplies are considered essential for the most common spaces.

What kitchen cleaning supplies do I need?

From deodorizing your refrigerator to polishing your kitchen countertops, cleaning supplies are what make a kitchen run smoothly. Essentials include scrubbing brushes, surface cleaners and all purpose cleaners, cleaning cloths and sponges, and deodorizers. Each of these are very beneficial for maintaining not only a visually clean kitchen, but a sanitary one. Many people keep cleaning supplies beneath the kitchen sink or in a supply closet, but there are also wall mounted racks to keep your products on display and within reach if you prefer.

What bathroom cleaning supplies do I need?

The bathroom is another room of the house that requires specific cleaning supplies. Necessities for this space include all-purpose bathroom cleaners (will work for the majority of exposed surfaces in this space), glass cleaner (for mirrors), toilet bowl cleaner, as well as shower cleaner for stubborn tiles and grout. Also, this is particularly germy and bacteria prone space, so you will definitely want to wear cleaning gloves. For storing these products most people rely on under sink storage. If that’s not an option for you, try to keep them in close proximity but away from food and other consumables.

Should I consider natural cleaners?

These days, a lot of manufacturers have opted for a more natural approach to cleaning and what they chemicals they put in their products. Opting for all natural cleaning supplies that are biodegradable and phosphate free are not only safer for the environment, but they are safer for your health as well. “Green” cleaning supplies are on the rise, so it’s not difficult to track down some natural alternatives to the products you’re used to. Some people may be deterred by the slightly higher prices of natural cleaners and supplies, but by paying the little extra you will be doing your part to create a healthier environment both in your home and out.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Household Cleaning Supplies and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Household Cleaning Supplies for sale, from brands like Blancho Bedding, Elkay, and Whitehaus Collection, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Household Cleaning Supplies, like the the Microfiber Cloths or the Embrace Dish Brush and Sponge Holder, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Household Cleaning Supplies online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.