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BZBCabins PInecrest Cabin Kit, 123. Sq. Ft., Inside 13' x 9'12"
BZBCabins PInecrest Cabin Kit, 123. Sq. Ft., Inside 13' x 9'12"by BZBCabins And Outdoors$6,990
BZBCabins Pinecrest cabin adds timeless elegance to any space. If you are stuck running your business from the kitchen table and have to pack up in time for each meal, then this cabin is perfect for anyone thinking of or working from home. Imagine. You can go to work in your office or work studio at the bottom of the garden. Maybe you are an artist, craftsperson, or jewellery maker selling your handcrafted goods online. Our prefab cabin gives you the space to work away from the house and you can close the door and go home at the end of your work day. This more affordable option to BZBCabins Lakeview cabin gives you 123 square feet to spread out and work in peace. Set up the space for versatility, and you have a guesthouse for visitors when they stay. The Pinecrest is perfect for so many uses with its bank of double pane glass windows and doors across the front half of the building to bring in the natural light to work by. This solidly built wood cabin has 1-3/8” thick walls and is fully lined inside to insulate against any weather. Its cathedral ceilings with an 11’ 3” height clearance gives the elegant Pinecrest cabin an open spacious feeling with a view over the garden while you work. It comes in kit form with everything a handyman needs to build with a few basic tools in a couple of days. Number of Rooms: 1 Inside Floor Area: 123 Sq.Ft Wall Thickness: 1-3/8" (34 mm), Double Tongue and Groove Wind lock Wall Logs Inside Dimensions: 13' x 9'10" Outside Dimensions: 13'9" x 10'6" Overall Dimensions: 16'4" x 11'6" Height of the Wall:92" Overall Height: 11'3" Window Dimensions: Double Pane, 4 x 35-1/2" x 48-1/2" Door Dimensions: 44-7/8" x 73-5/8" Floor Boards Thickness: 23/32" (18 mm) Roof Boards Thickness: 23/32" (18 mm) Foundation Materials Included: No Weight: 2,450 lbs Roofing Shingles Included: NoRead More
BZBCabins Mooncliff Kit Cabin, 164 Sq. Ft., Inside: 16'9" x 11'10"
BZBCabins Mooncliff Kit Cabin, 164 Sq. Ft., Inside: 16'9" x 11'10"by BZB Cabins And Outdoors$8,490(1)
BZBCabins Mooncliff Cabin Kit is a very spacious and luxurious one room cabin with an inside floor area of 164 square feet. The wall thickness of 1-3/4’ (44mm) consists of an exceptional timber quality, providing for an intense sense of coziness and comfort. Your satisfaction levels will increase when you find that you can easily mount your works of art on the walls and surround yourself with other familiar, favorite objects. The height of the wall is 6’11” that makes this attractive log cabin feel even larger. This log cabin has several large windows so that your living space is filled with natural light. The natural materials used to produce this appealing log cabin further ensure that it is environmentally friendly. The inside dimensions of 16’9” x 11.10” provide the Mooncliff Cabin Kit with that large open-air feel that makes one feel right at home. The interior offers more than enough room to furnish this log cabin to suit your preferences without feeling claustrophobic. The Mooncliff log cabin’s outside dimensions of 17.2” x 8’2” further afford the homeowner a hospitable porch where family and friends can be entertained. Add some seating, a table, an ornament on the wall together with a few plants to extend that homely feeling of comfort to your exterior design. With the overall dimensions of 19” x 14.1”, this lovely Mooncliff Cabin Kit makes for a practical entertainment or a temporary living space. Number of Rooms: 1 Inside Floor Area: 164 Sq.Ft. Wall Thickness: 1-3/4" ( 44mm) Inside Dimensions: 16'9" x 11'10" Outside Dimensions: 17'2' x 8'2" Overall Dimensions: 19' x 14'1" Height of the Wall: 6'11" Overall Height: 8'6" Window Dimensions: Double Pane Real Glass, 22" x 70-3/8", 39-3/4" x 70-3/8" Door Dimensions: 62-1/2" x 77" Terrace Dimensions: 8'4" x 3'9" Terrace Covered: Yes Floor Boards Thickness: 3/4" (19 mm) Roof Boards Thickness: 3/4" (19 mm) Foundation Materials Included: No Roofing Shingles Included: No Assembly: Required Reversible Assembly: Available Please contact us with any questionsRead More
BZBCabins Lakeview Log Cabin Kit, 209 Sq. Ft., Inside: 17' x 12'6"
BZBCabins Lakeview Log Cabin Kit, 209 Sq. Ft., Inside: 17' x 12'6"by BZBCabins And Outdoors$8,990
The elegant BZBCabins Lakeview cabin kit makes an attractive addition poolside and complements any property. With its rectangular shape it can be positioned with perfect symmetry beside the pool or anywhere in your yard. With 209 square feet of internal space, you can decorate the Lakeview to functionally suit your needs. Set it up as a small backyard guest house, a garden room, or an artist’ studio that is a peaceful space to enjoy. The BZBCabins Lakeview Log Cabin Kit is a solid wood prefabricated kit with 1- 3/4” thick double tongue and groove walls to insulate against the heat and the cold. Lakeview is made of Nordic Spruce that is dense and durable. It has a fully lined cathedral ceiling that gives this timelessly elegant cabin a spacious feeling. The bank of double pane glass windows and doors, across the front half of the building, make it light and airy and a great space to enjoy all year round. Build this cabin in a position that takes advantage of the views, and the natural light streaming through will make this a place to relax in comfort. Lakeview cabin kit is designed as a do-it-yourself kit that can be assembled by two adults in approximately two- three days. It comes with everything you need to build it with a few basic tools: Foundation/Floor Beams Floor boards Rafters Ceiling boards Walls Doors and Windows Hardware for assembly. The only additional parts that you need to add to the kit are the roofing shingles. To add this gorgeous Lakeview cabin to your garden you could order online or contact BZB Cabins and Outdoors for hands-on, helpful customer service. BZBCabins Lakeview Specifications: Number of Rooms: 1 Inside Floor Area: 209 Sq.Ft Wall Thickness: 1-3/4" (44 mm) Inside Dimensions: 17' x 12'6" Outside Dimensions: 18' x 13'1" Overall Dimensions: 18'6" x 14' Height of the Wall: 87-1/2" Overall Height: 11'7" Window Dimensions: Double Pane Real Glass, 8×23-5/8 x 43-7/8" Door Dimensions: 2 x 59-1/2" x 68-3/4", Double Pane Real Glass Floor Boards Thickness: 23/32" (18 mm) Roof Boards Thickness: 23/32" (18 mm) Foundation Materials Included: No Weight: 3,975 lbs Roofing Shingles Included: No Electrical: NOT INCLUDEDRead More
A prefab studio or garden office is a unique way to add additional space or separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the main house. A backyard cottage or cabana is a big investment that can add value to your property, so be sure to keep size, space requirements and budget in mind while you search. Here are some things to consider before you purchase your new garden office:

What size should my garden office be?

To decide what size you need, you’ll want to determine how you’ll use your new garden room. Will it be your home office, an art studio, a playroom or a gym? Let the purpose of your modern shed guide you in selecting furnishings and determining how much workspace you’ll actually need. Once you have your interior planned out, analyze the location where you plan to build and be sure there’s enough room for your final outdoor oasis.

What types of materials are garden rooms made of?

A cabana or garden room is often constructed as if it were a tiny house, so many of the materials available for your home can be utilized in your prefab yurt. Interiors are typically finished with wood or drywall, and treated wood is a great option for the exterior. Another route is to go for a cohesive look by finishing your modern shed in the same siding, colors and materials as your house. Contemporary designs also exist that feature floor-to-ceiling windows and bare steel.

What other features can my modern shed have?

Some other options to consider include insulation, thermal doors and windows, a bathroom and a small kitchen. Many designs also feature a small porch for relaxing outdoors, making them look even more like miniature houses. You’ll also want to install adequate lighting inside and outside your garden room, and if you plan to use it as a garden office, be sure to have access to the Internet and electrical outlets readily available.

Can I install my own cabana?

If you’re a proud do-it-yourselfer, you can find many garden rooms that come as kits or with floor plans to allow you the option of building it on your own. If you prefer to have your new addition installed quickly without the worry or hassle of constructing it on your own time, you can also arrange the installation with a professional source. Whatever option you choose, be sure to check your property’s building codes before you take the plunge. Certain zoning ordinances, deed restrictions and building codes may limit the types of buildings you can add to your property. There’s also the possibility you may need a building permit or that certain rules will dictate where you can and can’t place a prefab garden office on your property.

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