Southwestern Home Design Ideas

    Southwestern homes find inspiration from the warm and bold designs in the American Southwest, especially Arizona and New Mexico. Even though it is a regional US style, it also incorporates some elements of Mexican, Native American, Hacienda-style and Western decor. From the outside, a Southwestern house is easy to identify — a flat roof, adobe or stucco siding, earth tones, arched doors, wrought iron and desert landscape. On the inside, Southwest decor is all about color; subdued beige, tan and brown are often paired with pops of turquoise, bright red and yellow. Unique, handcrafted objects are common in this style, including painted pottery, colorful tiles, tribal patterns, Navajo rugs and Longhorn skulls. With so many neutral tones, the texture found in leather, suede and rough hewn wood adds much-needed dimension and variety.