Shabby-chic style design embodies a soft, relaxed, feminine feel, inspired by cottage-like elements. It’s well-known for distressed, antique-looking furniture combined with light and airy textiles that bring comfort and character to a space. Homes that are decorated in a shabby-chic style are inviting and bright, blending layers of unique furniture and mismatched decor to create a personal and cohesive feel with a touch of romance.

Shabby-chic style decorating typically uses a muted color palette of white, cream and ivory with hints of pastel blue and pink throughout, bringing an overall charming tone to any space. The furniture will generally have a weathered appearance, making it look older and worn-in, while plenty of vintage floral patterns, ticking stripes and small scale prints add a softer element to the picture. Combining aged pieces with clean and updated walls, window treatments and fabrics will help to balance out the space so it doesn’t feel just plain old. Ornate light fixtures, hardware and accessories are commonly found throughout shabby-chic style homes, and fabrics are typically cottons, linens and muslins, with accents of lace and eyelet. Other shabby-chic style decor features include beadboard walls, slipcovers and collections of antique objects, as well as outdoor rose gardens.