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Duvet Inserts

A duvet insert is the comforter-like fill that goes inside a duvet cover. The term “duvet” is often used when referring to the cover instead of the actual insert, but the two are distinctly separate pieces that work together to keep you warm, cozy and stylish. There are a few important features to be aware of when it comes to shopping for duvet inserts, so read further to learn more about how to choose the right one for you.

What’s the difference between a duvet insert and a comforter?

It’s not uncommon for shoppers to mention down comforters when actually looking for a duvet insert, as the two are very similar. A down comforter is designed to be used on its own, without a cover, and will generally be a bit larger than duvet inserts. You’ll typically see comforters in different colors or patterns that look ready to toss on a bed to complete your look, while duvet inserts will be mostly white and may be slightly transparent, showing some of the filling beneath the shell.

The main advantage to using a duvet filler is the ability to switch out the cover as often as you’d like, and not having to wash the entire insert each time you need to freshen your bedding. Washing an entire comforter can be a pain, as most are too large for household washers and dryers. That being said, if you do want to be able to machine wash your duvet insert, make sure it’s made for that and is not dry clean only.

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What duvet insert fills are available?

Not all duvet comforter inserts are made equally. They come in a variety of warmths for all different seasons, which you will commonly see referred to as weights. Lightweight duvets will be preferable for the warmer months, heavy-weights for the cooler months, and mid-weight or all-season duvet inserts can be used year round in some climates. Each of these weights will be available in various types of fill:

Down Fill: Made from the fine feather under-layer on birds, down is a highly sought after filling due to its lightweight, insulating powers. Duvet inserts are rated by fill power, which refers to the volume of one ounce of down. High fill will typically mean the duvet insert is lighter and more fluffy than lower fill powers, since it expands to fill more space. Fill power generally ranges from 300 to 900, but the higher numbers don’t necessarily mean higher quality; some people prefer the lower fill power because it actually feels heavier on their body.

Down Alternative Fill: For those that either have down allergies or want a slightly more affordable duvet filler option, there are plenty of down alternatives that will do the trick. You can either go for a synthetic fill that mimics natural down, or a natural fill made from plants that have similar fluffy properties.

What other features should I look for in a duvet insert?

The shell, or outer layer, of the comforter duvet is just as important as the filling. Look for featherproof, pre-shrunk duvets so that you don’t get pesky feathers poking through and the size won’t change if you wash it. Corner loops that allow the insert to be tied to the duvet cover to keep it from sliding are also a super handy feature, otherwise you might end up with a bunched up duvet insert floating around in the cover. When it comes to shell material, the most common is cotton or cotton blend, though you will likely be using a cover of your choice which is what you will feel against your skin, rather than the actual duvet cover insert.

You’ll also want to consider how the duvet comforter insert is constructed. There are a few different methods of keeping the filler in place, including sewn-through construction, box construction, baffle construction and channel construction. Sewn-through and box construction are the simpler methods and involve perpendicular seams sewn throughout the duvet to keep the fill in place. Baffle construction keeps the fill in place the best, with thin strips of material sewn in place to confine each box of fill. If you do in fact want the fill to be able to shift from one side to the other, look for channel construction duvet inserts which feature parallel seams.

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