1. Bedroom Photos

Small Bedroom Ideas

Having a small bedroom doesn’t have to be a negative if you make the space feel cozy, welcoming and comfortable. While you browse small bedroom ideas, take note of the sorts of decor, color schemes and layout that make you want to curl up under the covers. Whether you have just enough room for a twin bed, or need to revamp your bedroom organization, these small bedroom photos should provide plenty of inspiration.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Making your small bedroom look interesting without looking too cluttered can be a challenge. The key is in remembering less is more, especially for tight spaces. This should make things easier, especially if you’re looking for small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget. Just one or two pieces of artwork on the wall can help anchor the room while leaving some open visual space.

When painting a small bedroom, lighter shades are popular for achieving an airy and spacious look. Still, painting just one wall or upholstering it in wallpaper can add a striking pop of color. For a small modern bedroom, embrace a sense of minimalism, and you’re sure to enjoy the extra space.

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

Besides functioning as a place to sleep, having a place to store clothing, books or a simple nightstand is also important in a bedroom. If you’re looking for small bedroom ideas with storage in mind, consider beds with built-in shelves and drawers. Using your closet to its full potential is also a must: use hanging organizers and built-in shelves to store your clothing if you can.

Small Bedroom Setup Ideas

Of course, small can be a relative word. What’s a compact bedroom for two people can offer plenty of room for just one. But if you’re looking for small bedroom ideas for couples, consider how much room you need to store two people’s clothing and how big of a bed you need. For some couples, one dresser may suffice, but for many others, you’ll need two. When planning a small bedroom for one adult, a full size bed may offer enough space. If you’re on the lookout for very small bedroom ideas, you’ll likely need to push your bed up against the wall and make it feel cozy with lots of throw pillows. A murphy bed that folds away during the day is also a smart option for a small bedroom setup.

Small Bedroom Features

Even in a tiny bedroom, having one or two distinctive features can make the space feel all your own. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have room for an armchair or a desk. In both instances, corners are your friends! If you need small bedroom ideas with a TV, simply consider mounting it to the wall or placing it atop a dresser. And if you think you don’t have room for a small bedroom vanity, think again. Simply hang a mirror from the wall and place a small table or nightstand underneath, and you’ll have the perfect spot for your morning and evening beauty routines.

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