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Jewelry Armoires

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Keeping jewelry untangled and organized can be a difficult task, which is why jewelry armoires are so helpful. They are a very practical storage option to own; mirrored jewelry armoires, for example, serve as both a mirror and an armoire, eliminating the need for two separate pieces. Depending on the style you prefer and the room you have, there’s no doubt you’ll find the right jewelry armoire for your space.

What size jewelry armoire should I get?

Jewelry armoires are storage units where jewelry is kept organized, so getting the correct size for you and your home is essential. The size of the jewelry armoire you need depends on how large your jewelry collection is and how much space you are willing to sacrifice for it. If you have a lot of space in your room and too much jewelry to handle, investing in a large jewelry armoire is a great idea. If you have a smaller space, but still have ample jewelry, you could get a mirrored jewelry armoire that serves as both a mirror and a storage area. To save money and space, you can also buy a mirror separately from a jewelry armoire and construct it on your own.

What color jewelry armoire best fits my decor style?

Choose a color for your new jewelry armoire based on the color scheme of the room you are placing it in. If your room is mostly white, you should consider white jewelry armoires to avoid drawing too much attention to the storage place. If you are putting the jewelry armoire in a smaller room, a white one can also help open up the space. Keeping neutral colors in small bedrooms helps to enlarge a space and avoids a cluttered looking area. However, a little color never hurt anybody, so bold jewelry armoires can be a welcomed accent for those who love color.