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Are your dining chairs missing a little extra cush for your tush? Or maybe your solid wood seat isn’t the most comfortable after sitting for an extended period of time. If you’d like to enjoy your continental dinner late into the night consider adding a padded dining chair cushion to your dining set for all reasons mentioned above, and more. While seat cushions for dining chairs may seem a little over the top, or excessively decorative, they also can serve as a first line of defense against wear of your chair. For a more delicate seat material, such as cane, wicker, or other woven seat material, the chair cushion can protect against premature or excessive damage that the piece may incur.

What cushion styles are available?

Chair cushions are available in a number styles and shapes that can be purchased or designed to fit nearly any dining chair, barstool, or bench. From circles to squares and any custom size in between, you can find a chair cushion or have one designed perfectly to your specifications. Chair pads are typically available in a flat style or puffy style, depending on the look and feel that you prefer. Flat styles tend to be firmer and more contemporary while puffy styles are softer, looser, and can help you create more of a rustic and cottage vibe. Chair cushions can also be purchased with or without ties. Consider chair cushion ties if the seat material of your dining chair is slick and will need additional fastening security.

What types of upholstery materials are available for chair cushions?

Your upholstery options are pretty limitless when it comes to dining chair cushions. From acrylics to cottons, nylons to silks, the availability of upholstery materials will not be a limiting factor when choosing your seat pads.

What type of upholstery should I choose?

When choosing the material for your dining chair cushions, consider not only the aesthetic style you are looking to gain from your cushions, but also the needs and functions of your household. For families with young kids or pets, consider washable fabrics like cotton twill or even consider outdoor fabric in a dark print or pattern to conceal spills more easily. Delicate fabrics like silks or linens may be better choices for formal dining rooms or chairs that aren’t used on a daily basis. The best dining chair cushion material for you, is the material that fits your daily life best. Consider upholstery materials that you would see yourself using for your sofa upholstery or throw pillows. While dining chair cushions inject new decorative material, color, and texture accents to the dining room, they also are one of the most used furniture pieces and should be chosen accordingly.

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