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Stained Glass Panels

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Imagine beams of sunlight glinting off the surface of colored glass, throwing gleaming, cheery colors across your home. Dating back to ancient Egypt, stained glass is an easy and fun way to add color and art to your windows. Stained glass panels can easily be hung in a window where light can stream through simple or even elaborate patterns. If you want to add a sense of privacy to windows facing the street or a neighbor’s backyard, these panels are also the perfect way to keep sunlight coming in and prying eyes out. Before you add some stained glass designs to your cart, take a look at these helpful tips to make sure you pick the perfect piece of window art:

What kinds of stained glass are there?

If you’re just now stepping a toe into the wide world of stained glass, you’ll find there’s a mind-blowing array of materials to choose from. Here’s a quick roundup of the most common types:
• Antique: If you’re looking for a translucent panel that still has a bit of character, this should do the trick. Found in three different varieties including drawn, scribed and mouth-blown, each piece features unique imperfections that add notable character.
• Cathedral: When they think of stained glass design, most people envision the towering, elaborate windows of timeworn cathedrals. Cathedral windows most commonly used this type, which has a transparent quality and comes in an assortment of textures and colors.
• Wispy or streaked: Two great choices for character, wispy and streaked glass only differ in the types of materials that are mixed together. Wispy uses cathedral and opalescent types, while streaked uses just opalescent. Both styles feature streaks and lines that can add a sense of depth to your panels.
• Opalescent: This colorful style has a milky character that allows less light through, giving your windows a soothing glow. It’s made when different colors are swirled together, which results in unique combinations and patterns.
• Bevel: This style features clear, colored glass that’s been polished into an angle. These angles refract the incoming sunlight much like a prism would, creating beautiful patterns of light.

How do I take care of my stained glass panels?

While your panels remains indoors, they shouldn’t need much maintenance beside a wipe down with a soft cloth to remove dust. If your piece is hanging outside, you can clean it with a solution that’s pH neutral and mixed with distilled water. If your piece is painted, however, it’s best to test your cleaning solution before wiping down the entire surface to ensure no paint will be removed during cleaning. Older, antique pieces may be too fragile to clean on your own and should be handled by a professional experienced in restoration instead.