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Storage doesn’t have to just be functional. While some mass-produced pieces are completely devoid of character, unique accent chests and cabinets are filled to the brim with personality. An antique hope chest or apothecary cabinet carries years of history and has an unmatchable sense of soul. A cedar chest from America’s early years or a blanket box with an Asian heritage will give your storage unique characteristics and a worldly presence.

While many accent cabinets and chests feature fancy painted exteriors in a variety of patterns and colors, you’ll find a few that are rare, thanks to their uncommon, shapely structures. A Bombay chest is one example. Instead of right angles, these historic pieces feature curves galore, often paired with depictions of Oriental landscapes. If right angles and geometric repetition fit your fancy, look for an apothecary cabinet, which sports multiple square drawers perfect for storing knickknacks, electronics cables and other small items.

Your storage furniture doesn’t have to be boring. Whether it’s a blanket chest or an accent cabinet you seek, you’ll find dozens of exquisite accent cabinets and chests right here on Houzz.