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Adjustable Beds

We’ve all experienced a rough night’s sleep. We toss. We turn. But no matter what side we rest on, what angle our pillow is turned to or what level of blanket coverage we gain, nothing can ease the ever-growing pain developing in our neck and back. The lucky ones will experience a rough night’s sleep only once in a while, but a select few will fight off insomnia and back pain nightly. Whether your nighttime misery is intermittent or constant, upgrading to an adjustable bed will be well worth your while.

What kind of frame is best for adjustable beds?

When searching for adjustable beds, you may notice that the frame is made from metal instead of wood. While this can narrow your stylistic choices down quite a bit, the heavier metal frame is necessary to support the mattress and motor. Take a peek at the gauge of the steel, or how thick it is, before finalizing your decision. A high-quality adjustable bed frame will feature thicker steel, which won’t wear down as much over time. A heavier frame also means you’ll enjoy that comfortable level of support for years to come.

Are there other parts of a hospital bed I should take note of?

Another important piece of adjustable beds is the rollers. These support the mattress and allow it to move up and down. The best material choice for your rollers is nylon, as it is the quietest and most durable. Nylon rollers will also create less friction, which means the motor used to adjust your bed will be less stressed out and less likely to break down.

How do I pick an adjustable bed with a dependable motor?

Speaking of that motor, make sure your adjustable bed comes with a warranty to cover any issues that might crop up with your motor. The last thing you want is to look forward to a peaceful slumber only to find the motor has given up the ghost. Also note how long your warranty lasts. Longer warranties typically indicate a higher-quality motor that will be dependable for years as opposed to mere months.
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