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Stop buying box spring replacements and invest in a sturdy platform bed instead. A platform bed frame cuts out the middleman, better know as the box spring, and opens up the possibilities for increased storage or extra sleeping space within the same footprint as a regular frame. Before you start shopping, learn how to choose the best platform beds by reading the information below:

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed is a bed frame that is constructed in a way that does not require a box spring to be used beneath the mattress. The platform frame is typically built with plenty of wooden or metal slats running from side to side making it sturdy enough that it fully supports and distributes the weight of the mattress (the job of a box spring in other bed designs). One added bonus is that the openings between the slats allow your mattress to breathe more, which may help reduce buildup of things such as allergens and moisture. Without the need for a box spring, you have more space for potential storage or simply rocking the low-profile look, if that’s what you’re going for. Foregoing the box spring can also save you a few extra bucks too. If your goal is to save space in your room and turn your bed into a storage powerhouse, try a storage platform bed with drawers underneath to maximize every square inch. You can also stash a trundle under the bed platform for overnight guests — blocking dust bunnies from gathering beneath the bed is a nice bonus too!

What do I need to know before purchasing a platform bed frame?

Be cautious if you plan to use platform bed frames with a solid memory foam mattress and the slats are too far apart. A good rule of thumb for any type of mattress is that the slats should be about 3 inches apart from one another in order to form a solid foundation. Anything much further apart may not provide the support your mattress needs. Also consider the width and thickness of each slat — the skinnier and thinner they are the more flimsy they tend to be, which can lead to bowing. You can alway use a thin but sturdy board on top of the slats to provide a solid surface in lieu of a box spring. How your platform bed frame is assembled is another important consideration. Most often the slats are connected to the outer frame with screws and nails; however, some higher-end styles may have mortise and tenon construction. Mortise and tenon tends to be the sturdier choice, since screws and nails can loosen over time. Another option may be tongue and groove, which is similar to mortise and tenon but features shorter links, making it less sturdy. Also know that you aren’t restricted from adding box springs to platform beds if you want the mattress to sit up higher; it’s all a personal preference!

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