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Picking out a duvet cover for your bed is a lot like picking an outfit for the day. It needs to be practical, neutral, but also a clear expression of your style and personality. As the most expensive piece of your bedding, you need to think about the durability and longevity each of the duvet covers you come across. With countless materials, patterns, and styles, make sure to have fun with it — you can always swap it out as your preferences change.

A duvet cover defines your personal and design style instantly, without saying a word. There are countless materials, patterns, and styles offered, conveying anything from French country to chic contemporary. And while it’s not a life or death decision, it is an investment piece that you are likely to keep around for awhile.

What is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is a removable cover that goes on top of a duvet, which is a soft bag filled with down, feathers or wool. Because you can take it off, this cover is easy to wash and change as your style preferences develop. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs. Check out our complete guide to duvet covers.

What different materials are there for duvet covers?

When choosing a cover, consider a comfortable material that you would like to fall asleep on. For classic and understated elegance, matelassé, voile, percale, and other embroidered styles add texture and warmth without overpowering with color. This style looks great in a soft or muted palette paired with layers of bedding.

Silks, satins, and linen are pure luxury. While we wouldn’t recommend these materials as the low maintenance alternatives, they definitely convey simple elegance. You could use these sets in the guest room, or in other rooms that are not used as frequently.

What duvet cover styles are there?

Bold prints, patterns and graphics really dominate and transform the style of a room. A duvet cover is an investment in a quality sheet set, but compared to painting a room, buying new furniture, or replacing light fixtures, new bedding sheets are an easy and inexpensive way to redecorate a bedroom. Plus, if you realize that oversized florals or turquoise and orange polka dots really aren’t your idea of style, you can just as easily replace them.

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