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Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary and it’s decor shouldn’t be anything less than dreamy. Survey the components of your space before making any decorating decisions. If your room has a hard floor, area rugs provide a soft surface; if you want to inject some energy into the area, throw pillows provide strong pops of color and texture. With the wide variety of stylish decor available, there is something to enhance any bedroom!

Area Rugs

Area rugs provide both functional and stylistic value to a bedroom. They protect your floor from wear and tear (and your feet from a cold floor!), as well as enhance a room’s personality with the various colors, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes that area rugs come in.

When choosing a bedroom rug, take the following rule of thumb into consideration: Extend the carpet 12-18 inches around the bed. For a king or queen bed, the rug should extend 18 inches out from the sides; for a twin or a full bed, it should extend at least 12 inches out. Depending on the size of the room there can be more extension around the bed, but most definitely not less, as that would make the room look imbalanced and cover the entirety of the rug design with the bed.

A few other things to consider — what is your lifestyle like? Do you have pets or children? A white carpet might not be the best alternative in this case, and a sturdier, long-lasting material like wool or jute should be considered. What is your decor style? Make sure you choose a rug that complements and enhances your current aesthetic. How easy is it to clean? Consider if your rug will need to be dry cleaned or if standard vacuuming and carpet cleaning will suffice.

Pillows & Throws

Adding decorative pillows and throw blankets to a bedroom is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your decor. However, before you start your hunt for the perfect pillow and throw blanket assemblage, consider your current bedroom design. If you have a neutral color palette of soft grays and whites, a few brightly colored pillows or blankets will provide energetic pops of color. If you already have a colorful home, throwing in some subtler shades and patterns might be exactly what you need to complement your style and put the focal point on your polychromatic decor.

In general, you should place two to six decorative pillows on your bed. This will be enough to add a new element of style and color, but not so much that you’ll have to spend 20 minutes removing pillows before you go to sleep. Throw blankets can be great arranged at the end of your bed, showcasing their texture and pattern, or elegantly draped over an armchair, ready to snuggle up with.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are one of those great decor items with a dual purpose — they are a complementary accent to your home while providing much-needed light. When choosing lamps, consider this design rule: You should not be able to see the neck of the light bulb, or bulb socket, from a standing or seated position. If you can see it, the lamp is likely too tall for your room and will cause glare for anyone standing or sitting in your bedroom (most likely you!). However, if you find a tall base that you just have to have, get a larger lamp shade to cover the bulb and you’re all set! Tall lamps definitely contribute to an elegant ambience and elevate your room design to new heights (literally).

If you want mood lighting or just a more decorative piece, utilize an opaque shade; if you’re an avid reader or need more light in your room, use a translucent lampshade that distributes light throughout the space.

Wall Decor & Mirrors

The decor in your bedroom should be reflective of this space’s purpose - your bedroom is your refuge, your retreat from the real world, and it should make you feel happy, content and inspired. Put up items that create a sense of peace; if you have any specific pictures or pieces that make you happy or remind you of fun times, these are great to include in your design. If you have a large piece of wall art to hang, put it in a place where it can be a focal point and won’t be overshadowed by clutter or other decor. Hanging and placing mirrors throughout your bedroom will reflect light and make it look larger, as well as provide you ample opportunity to check out your outfit before work.
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Featured Reviews of Bedroom Decor

Flower Cotton Pillow Cover
Bedroom Decor
November 30, 2015
Beautiful pattern: I ordered 2 covers for my gray modern sofa and they look great. The blue is a true navy blue. The fabric doesn't have a sheen like it appears to in photo. Colors are slightly more muted than pictured but still gorgeous. Quality is excellent too. . .
Amalia Rug, Ivory and Gray, 5'3"x7'6"
Bedroom Decor
November 10, 2016
just as advertised: This rug is totally different than my typical choices in decorating. That being said, we are really glad we stepped out of our comfort zone, it looks great in our family room.
Doggone Happy Family Pillow, Black
Bedroom Decor
May 29, 2016
Perfect for us: Grown kids, husband and I just recently retired, this cute throw pillow on the swing on screened in porch pretty much tells the tale. Nice quality burlap, and the words are clear and easily visible.
Percy 7-Piece Frame Set, Black
Bedroom Decor
July 26, 2016
For all those of you looking for glass frames...: I purchased these frames hoping for something great but I was really unsure about how non-glass frames would look like in my house. I also purchased similar frames from CB2 and West Elm for roughly 3X more than what I paid for this entire frame set and let me tell you that these frames are WAY WORTH IT! They look so chic and elegant on my walls and add such a great contrasting touch to my living room. They also look very expensive and I'm no longer a real glass picture frame hunter after this.
Percy 9-Piece Square Frame Set, Black
Bedroom Decor
May 8, 2016
These are a great buy regularly but I was lucky enough to catch them on sale (because Houzz sent me an email that an item on my wish list has been reduced - awesome). My original plan had been to replace the flower photos included with my own pictures. The set included a handy template for hanging, but I decided to hang them in a rectangle.: These are a great buy regularly but I was lucky enough to catch them on sale (because Houzz sent me an email that an item on my wish list has been reduced - awesome). My original plan had been to replace the flower photos included with my own pictures. And, ultimately I will still do this. However, I was pleased to find an alternative set of pictures included in the set - very cool city street scenes. This allowed me to hang them right away, now I can replace the photos at my leisure and still love what's on the wall in the meantime. The set included a handy template for hanging, but I decided to hang them in a rectangle. I used command Velcro strips and they're working beautifully because the frames are not too heavy.
Rinne Rug, Gray, 8'x10'
Bedroom Decor
May 2, 2016
Creating color scheme for bedroom...: The colors on the Safavieh Odette Woven Rug has helped me to pull together a color scheme for my master bedroom. I love the the way the colors look faded from one angle and bright from another. The size and placement of the rug under the bed has created an intimate feel to that side of the room.
Marfa Outpost Area Rug, Multicolor, 7'10"x10'6"
Bedroom Decor
September 25, 2017
Exceeded expectations: Seeing several shades of this rug on several different sites, I was unsure which would work best in refurbished living room (gray walls, white trim, charcoal sofa, wine chairs). Selected going with Houzz and the lighter tones of this rug...it looks terrific! Houzz also took the prize on best pricing!
Caro Antique-Style Mercury Glass Table Lamp
Bedroom Decor
August 7, 2017
Glass lamps: Lamps came on time with little assembly needed. However the base on both lamps we ordered were not lined up at all. Easy fix with a crescent wrench but very low Quality Control at the factory. For the price these lamps are great though.
Camille Area Rug, 8'x10'
Bedroom Decor
February 5, 2017
Not really a carpet: This looks ok under my coffee table but is the thickness of a mat. It is priced accordingly so I still gave it a decent rating.!! There is no plush feel as it is flat and pressed.
Zephyrine Area Rug, 5'3"x7'3"
Bedroom Decor
March 7, 2018
Modern, sleek, looks expensiv: I just moved into a new house. I need to buy a lot of things, so I try to buy the best for the least amount of money. it is difficult to buy online, and we rely on the reviews. I'm so glad I bought this rug, so happy with it! Even my husband who doesn't have much of an opinion about decoration and style mentioned several times that he really likes the rug. it is modern and cosy. Sure, it is not super thick (I put a pad under it), but it's pretty comfy and makes the space inviting and cozy. I love the modern pattern and the soft colors (a little less bright/less saturated in person. it looks so much more expensive than it is. I really recommand.

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