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Sleigh Beds

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Some designs are classics for a reason. The almost casual elegance of a curved sleigh bed has made this unique style of bed frame a popular choice for traditional and eclectic bedrooms even today. Originating in France during the heyday of Napoleon, sleigh beds feature a headboard and footboard that curve outward, giving them their distinct, horse-drawn-sleigh look.

This refined curl at the head and foot of the bed will require extra space, and it’s worth noting that your headboard won’t be flush with the wall. However, if you don’t have space to spare at the head of your bed, you can still enjoy the decorative arc of the footboard by pairing it with a flat headboard. In contrast, if you’re taller than average or prefer to dangle your feet off the end of the bed while you sleep, you can opt for a sleigh bed with no footboard.

While most sleigh beds are made from wood, you can also find metal frames. If you prefer a more modern-looking king-size sleigh bed, variations on this traditional design include upholstery and leather. For the storage-minded individual, many sleigh bed designs have drawers underneath.

For an elegant night’s sleep worthy of a French emperor, try one of our sleigh beds in dozens of colors and sizes.

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