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Bathroom Accessory Sets

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With a bath set you can add a stylish spot for your toothbrush, a designer destination for your hand soap or lotion right in your home bathroom. Not only do bathroom accessories help organize your essential bathroom tools, they infuse color, style and texture together to transform your bathroom into a cozy luxury spa. Most bath sets come with a toothbrush holder, cup, lotion dispenser and a soap dish, though you may be able to find larger sets that include additional bath accessories like a wastebasket, tissue box cover and toilet brush cover.

You can find a bathroom accessories set in almost any color you can think of, and if you prefer patterns many feature floral or geometric patterns that range from simple to elegant or fun. Bathroom set materials range from plastic to ceramic, and you can even find specialty pieces such as bamboo bathroom decor sets.

Transform your boring old bathroom into a designer spa with bathroom accessories sets from Houzz!