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Undercabinet Lights

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Even the most casual chef understands the importance of task lighting in the kitchen. From chopping up veggies to slicing steaks and mincing herbs, cooking requires attention to detail, which in turn requires ample lighting. Undercabinet lighting options, like LED strip lights, fluorescent lights and puck lights, can shine a light on your slicing, dicing and mixing while also providing additional mood lighting and ambience. Because undercabinet lighting is typically hidden from view, you may not be aware of the various types available to you. These include puck lights, strip lights and LED tape lights.

How does LED tape work?

This type of undercabinet lighting is typically found on a roll and features light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. You can purchase it in various lengths, and installation is fairly quick and easy, making it a great choice for a DIY project. Once you cut the strip of lights to fit the width of your cabinets, you simply stick it to the underside. If you do plan to cut your LED tape to fit, keep in mind that, once cut, the remaining portion of tape will no longer light up. Therefore it’s extremely important to measure — and measure again! — the length you need before grabbing for the scissors or a knife.

What about LED strip lights?

These are thin strips of plastic with tiny bulbs built in. You might associate them with rope lights, which make a great temporary lighting fix, but LED light strips are more permanent. They also provide a wider range of light, which makes them more effective at brightening your cooking workspace. Just as with LED tape, once your LED strips are cut, the remaining portion won’t light up, so measure the width of your cabinets carefully to avoid mistakes.

What are puck lights?

Once you see a puck light, you’ll know exactly how it got its name. These circular lights come in a wide price range, depending on how they’re constructed and what materials are used. Some are also sold in sets, which can reduce the overall price. It’s recommended that puck lights be installed at least every 8 to 12 inches to provide maximum light coverage.

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