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While manufacturers seem to be going the extra mile in designing soap dispensers that offer rich colors and fun designs, there’s just something about an unbranded lotion or soap dispenser that matches the rest of your bathroom décor without over-cluttering it. Sleek ceramic, glass or plastic lotion and soap dispensers are also sturdier and will last you for years if properly taken care of. Did we mention that purchasing a large refill bottle of soap is much more economical than purchasing a whole new soap dispenser pump, too?

Monetary pros aside, you can find a dispenser in almost any style you could wish for. A bamboo, glass or even mason jar soap dispenser offers unique charm that can really liven up your bathroom’s personality. If functionality is of concern, you can find an automatic soap dispenser, wall-mounted soap dispenser or foaming soap dispenser that will meet your needs and add a pop of color to your mini home spa at the same time.

So go on, ditch the wordy clutter (sorry, brand names!) and add one of our unique lotion or soap dispensers to your bathroom décor.