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Budge All-Seasons Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover | Grills 65" Wide Tan
Budge All-Seasons Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover | Grills 65" Wide Tanby Budge(1)
The Budge All-Seasons Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover provides high quality protection to your outdoor grill. The All-Seasons Collection by Budge combines a simplistic, yet elegant design with exceptional outdoor protection. Available in a neutral blue or tan color, this patio collection will cover and protect your charbroil or gas grill, season after season. Our All-Seasons collection is made from a 3 layer SFS material that is both water proof and UV resistant, keeping your grill from rain showers and harsh sun exposure. The outer layers are made from a spun-bonded polypropylene, while the interior layer is made from a micro porous waterproof material that is breathable to allow trapped condensation to flow through the cover. Cover stays secure in windy conditions. With our All-Seasons Collection you'll never have to sacrifice style for protection. This collection will compliment nearly any preexisting patio decor, all while extending the life of your outdoor grill. This waterproof grill cover measures 65" Wide x 23" Deep x 48" High This waterproof bbq grill cover measures 65"W x 23"D x 48"H This waterproof grill cover is made from 3 layers of tech spun-bond polypropylene This outdoor grill cover provides long-lasting all weather protection to your bbq grill The seams of this charbroil grill cover / gas grill cover are ultrasonically welded together for exceptional durability This grill cover will work provided heavy duty protection to your Weber grill, Kenmore grill, Napoleon grill, KitchenAid grill, Dyna-Glo grill and much moreRead More
Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate, 8"x12"x1.5"
Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate, 8"x12"x1.5"by Himalayan Chef
Salt plates may develop more surface depressions and will in the course of time disintegrate quickly if you don't use the salt plate with care. Splits in the salt plate don't affect cooking properties but cut down the life span of the salt plate. To minimize this, use the salt plate holders to prolong the plate life as well as easy use. WHY HIMALAYAN CHEF SALT PLATE HOLDER? Himalayan Chef salt plate holder is a safe, a' la mode and convenient way to carry your Hot Himalayan Salt cooking plate. Himalayan Chef salt plate holder saves the dainty salt plate from splintering. It also protects the fragile contours and helps extending life of the Himalayan Salt cooking plate. Special patina on the holder will protect it from erosion over the passage of time. Himalayan Chef Salt plate holder is tailored to fit the salt plate. The plate holder is made of hard-wearing metal that won't damage the edges of the salt plate. Our salt plate holder is easy to carry from cooking area to table. Add extra sizzle to your meals and enjoy the naturally delicious taste of Himalayan Salt with the Himalayan Chef‘s Cooking Salt Block. Himalayan pink Salt Plates impart their flavor to food, making them great for cooking directly on. Impress friends, family and guests at your next holiday feast or barbecue get-together! Whether you are grilling skewers together or using it as a serving tray, your Himalayan Salt Block is sure to please both your eyes and palate. Pink Himalayan Cooking Salts contain healthy and essential minerals that your body needs to function. Salt mined from the Himalayas are the purest salts in the world giving you the cleanest and healthiest salt flavor that will make any food delicious while supplying your body with the nutrients it needs. How to serve the cold food on the Salt Plate: Place salt crystal tile in the refrigerator for one hour to chill. The sale will retain its temperature for 2-3 hours. When chill you can serve salads, fruits, vegetables, sushi and desserts. How to serve Hot food on the Salt plate: Place salt tile in oven or grill at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Once the tile is hot, place meat on it and put it back in the oven or on grill. The tile will both cook, and season your steak, lamb, fish, shrimp, etc at the same time. How to clean the Cooking salt plate: Clean: Simply wipe the salt tile with a towel. No additional cleaning is required, since the salt tile is antiseptic and antibacterial. Do not soak or leave in water. Follow all safety instructions, do not overheat. Natural cracks in the salt are common. Salt tile can be used many times over and over.Read More
Let's face it, when it comes to firing up the grill, you'd be lost without a great set of BBQ accessories. From specialty tongs to spatulas and even a grill brush, these are the tools needed to get the job done. If you've just bought a brand new barbecue, chances are you'll need an accompanying set of grill accessories to go with. Make sure you consider what kinds of foods you plan to cook in case you need any specific items like BBQ skewers. Otherwise, your tools of the trade should include heavy-duty tongs that are at least 12 inches long, a durable spatula, long oven mitts to protect your hands and arms, basting brushes and a grill thermometer. If you plan on grilling late at night for parties or late dinners, a grill light is another must-have accessory.

When it's time to clean up, you'll definitely want a grill brush to clean off all the residue your juicy meal left behind on the grill grates. Another option for keeping your grates clean is a grill mat, which still leaves those sought after grill marks on your food without the mess. After you've done all that work keeping your barbecue clean, it would be a shame for it to get dirty again, so it's a great idea to also invest in a grill cover to keep dirt, pests and water out. Grill covers can even add to your decor and come in sports team themes and different colors.

Once you've found your grill accessories on Houzz, go on and put some steaks and veggies on that barby!

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