Flatware Storage

Silverware storage is important to get right; after all, you’ve invested so much into your silverware collection that it would be a shame to spoil it with improper storage. Ideally you should find a solution that allows you to simultaneously store, organize and protect your flatware. If you’re not sure whether a silverware chest, bag or drawer liner is best for you, read further to learn about the various flatware storage solutions to help decide.

Silver Storage Bags and Drawer Liners

If you want to keep your silverware or flatware in your drawers along with the rest of your dinnerware, silver storage bags and drawer liners will be the perfect solution. These bags and drawer liners are made from tarnish-resistant cloth that keeps your silverware or gold plated flatware from getting those unsightly spots on them, while putting a buffer between anything else in the drawer that may ding them. You can either use silverware bags that hold individual pieces, or a larger roll-up bag that has slots for each piece in your collection. If you want to be able to quickly access your silverware, go for an organizational drawer liner made from the same tarnish-stopping material, and dedicate one drawer for your precious flatware.

Flatware and Silverware Chests

Silverware and flatware chests are typically made of wood, and elegant enough that they can be displayed out on in the open or neatly stashed away in a cabinet or credenza. The secret to these chests, like all other flatware storage, is the tarnish-resistant lining inside which helps prevent scratching and tarnishing. A proper silverware storage box should separate forks, knives and spoons to prevent shifting during any transportation or movement. A typical silverware box is designed to hold the knives on the underside of the lid and the rest of the utensils along the bottom, and there may even be extra space to store spare pieces or any silver cleaning supplies in the flatware chest itself. Check carefully that the silverware case you have your eye on is equipped to hold the number of pieces you currently own or plan to have in the future.

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