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Kitchen Drawer Organizers

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If you can’t stand having your cooking gadgets and utensils jumbled together in a drawer, then you definitely need to look into the wide range of kitchen storage solutions! From cutlery trays to drawer dividers, any kind of kitchen drawer organizer will inevitably save you time and stress while you’re creating culinary masterpieces. Browse the drawer organizers below, and consider which units will best help you declutter your kitchen.

How do I begin my kitchen organization process?

First, take an inventory of the items you currently store in your drawers — write them down on a sticky note and label each drawer. This is a perfect opportunity to clean out unused and unwanted items, and also to scrub down the insides of your drawers for a fresh start. Keep in mind whether certain items need to move closer to the stove, refrigerator or other locations — for example, you’ll want your spatulas and ladles closer to the stove for easy access while you’re whipping up something delicious. Following these steps will help you formulate a plan and group like items together, and identify which types of drawer organizers or silverware organizer you’ll need. Once that’s complete, take measurements of your drawers — don’t forget to measure the depth! — and shop for kitchen drawer organizers that will fit your space and store your items with style.

What kind of drawer organizers do I need?

A cutlery tray is perfect for dividing up forks, knives and spoons. You can also use one to separate odds and ends, and many are even expandable or come with adjustable dividers to allow you maximum customization. Drawer boxes are also a great option for mixing and matching different sizes and heights. Use drawer dividers for larger items like spatulas, tongs and stirring spoons. You might also be able to add a flatware organizer to one of your drawers, which frees up valuable counter or cabinet space.