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Electric Grills and Skillets

Grilling doesn’t have to be limited to warm summer months. With electric grills, you can bring the outdoors in and enjoy beautifully grill-marked chicken and zucchini year round. Often considered a healthy alternative to frying, electric grilling options, such as a panini maker, can help you cook a wide range of dishes that are sure to delight you and your guests. Each type of indoor electric grill has a specific use, which you can learn about below:

Does an electric grill function like a barbecue?

Yes and no. While you can use an indoor grill to cook the same kinds of food as you would with an outdoor one, the execution and flavors are a bit different. You don’t need wood, charcoal or gas to start up indoor grills — a simple electrical outlet will do. You certainly can cook the same food, but it might lack that smoky or fiery flavor you get from using gas or charcoal. An indoor BBQ can also be used outside, though you should never use a non-electric BBQ inside.

What can I cook with a panini press?

Love those hot, perfectly toasted paninis you get at your local lunch spot? You can make those at home with a panini maker. Made with top and bottom grill plates, an electric panini press is a type of contact grill, which means it cooks the food with heat transfer from contact on two sides. The heat from both sides ensures food cooks quickly on a sandwich grill; it also helps your finished product have a crispy grilled outside and soft, warm inside. Grilled cheese is only one of many meals you can cook on these — meat and vegetables prepare nicely too. Some styles will even open up and lay flat for more diverse cooking techniques.

What is the benefit of using an electric skillet?

Space! The best part of electric griddle and skillet designs is that they instantly double your cooktop space. Think of it as temporarily adding one or two extra burners to your stovetop — perfect for smaller kitchens, or for those that need a little extra cooking power for occasional large gatherings. You can easily unplug and store your electric skillet to gain back counter space with not in use. Not all electric griddles and skillets are the same though; be aware that the latter usually has higher sides and a lid, making it ideal for cooking with sauces, while the former commonly has short or no sides, with a larger cooking surface, ideal for pancakes and bacon.

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