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Cooking Utensils

A few essential kitchen utensils will get you a long way on your culinary journey. A spatula and whisk can whip up a cake, while a wooden spoon and ladle will assist in making and serving a hearty soup. With the right cooking utensils, the possibilities are only as limited as your cooking skills. If you’re just starting to build up your kitchen tool kit, you may find the following tips helpful to create the right set of utensils for your needs.

What do I need for a basic kitchen utensil set?

Definitely invest in a silicone spatula or two — large and small sizes will enable you to mix and spread all sorts of things, as well as scrape the sides of bowls and jars. A flat-slotted design, known as a fish spatula, is great for flipping and lifting foods like eggs and cookies. Speaking of eggs and cookies, a whisk is a must for scrambling eggs and mixing dry ingredients. Don’t forget tongs — they are incredibly handy for picking up or flipping hot food, especially in tight spaces where a spatula won’t fit.

Ladles and spoons are also good basics. Wooden spoons are ideal for stirring ingredients together and won’t damage pots and pans like metal spoons. Skimmers, or a slotted spoon, work well for retrieving food from hot liquids, like vegetables or ravioli, without the use of a strainer. Always thought serving spaghetti was tricky? A pasta spoon, with tall, fork-like prongs that grab and hold noodles in place, is your solution.

Which other cooking utensils are handy?

A cook with a bit more experience might find themselves in need of more specialized utensils, like a turkey baster or meat tenderizer. A potato masher is a convenient tool for mashing potatoes and other semi-soft foods. A pastry brush, or basting brush, can play double duty by spreading butter, oils and sauces on foods, as well as cleaning out coffee grounds. An ice cream scoop is considered a necessity by some — it will definitely save you from lots of bent spoons. Other handy items include a canning funnel and a seafood and nut cracker tool.

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