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Example of a trendy kitchen design in Vancouver with flat-panel cabinets and white cabinets


photo credit: Kristen McGaughey, custom herb garden from Studio N2

Example of a trendy kitchen design in Vancouver with flat-panel cabinets and white cabinets —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (32)

Sakeena Rashid wrote:March 16, 2013
Are there directions somewhere on how to create the wall herb garden?

- I would love to have this in my kitchen!

  • J P
    Ana, thank you for the link to the tutorial! :)
  • ozziecookie
    If mason jars are not the main attraction to this spice rack, they sell small magnetized spice jars to hang on magnetic wall boards (i bought mine on Amazon) I hang mine on side of fridge without spices, but could be adapted to a wood board with metal squares or strips and then perhaps a few mason jars or just traditional sized spice jars with a little water to keep some sprigs of herbs at a time?
americandreamdyn wrote:March 17, 2013
What brand of mixer is that on the counter?

  • Louise Charbonneau
    Super pratique ce porte épicé frais
  • sjharvey74
    looks like a kenwood to me, i ve got one that looks identical but i think is smaller which is the kenwood prosper compact - it's brilliant.
anaa mika wrote:March 17, 2013
R those herbs growing there , or just arranged , good design

  • PRO
    Don't the herbs need sun?
  • joyful_lady
    Yes, herbs need sun although they are good in a window. Many are also invasive and will self seed so be careful where you plant them outside.
letmeinnow wrote:April 10, 2013
Is that a window going into another space? How do you get there?

    Deborah Smith Adams wrote:April 13, 2013
    • Ana Quintana
      This website basically tells you how to do it. http://www.notjustahousewife.net/2011/08/mason-jar-wall-planter.html This pictured rack just the wooden boards vertically oriented and the mason jars are tilted. You can tilt them any way you want if you don't screw the clamps in too tight. My herbs were very unsuccessful but I was at a house with basically zero light, and I think I burned them when I got an artificial one. Give it a shot. If it doesn't work you can still use the rack for other things. Mine was right above a counter so I just filled my mason jars with sugar and other baking powders.
    • joyful_lady
      Thanks Ana
    punkinlily wrote:April 16, 2013
    • jaykr
      I love the 'posing' cats
    • keimloesch
      What cats?
    snhughes wrote:April 17, 2013
    What color is that on the walls?

    • PRO
      Portico Design Group
      The Paint color is Cloverdale 8260
    jimntran wrote:May 2, 2013
    what is the name/type/material of the cabinet? Also, where can i get more information about this cabinet?

    - I'm looking at redo my kitchen using this type of cabinet thanks Jim

    • PRO
      Portico Design Group
      This is a custom design for a developer "mosaic homes" unable to provide this information.
    shima monavar wrote:May 4, 2013
    • pattimay
      Yeah!! Glad to send it along!
    • PRO
      nice Ideas........
    angiedallas wrote:May 31, 2013
    • Harlie Sumner
      I would just spritz them with a spray bottle every now and then.
    • PRO
      Gartnerei Heller
      You can buy some activated charcoal and line the bottom of the jar with them. That should help water remain sweet for the plants, and not ferment. Also, herbs and edible plants drink water and as you can always see how much you water, you can do some water management.
    Jeanri Laurence wrote:June 21, 2013
    Love the wall garden! How do the plants get sufficient sun?

    • glogirl9872
      Love this!
    • aganado
      I like it very much but I would it more if they were real
    Becker Studios wrote:July 1, 2013
    Do you happen to have a source for the herb garden prop?

    - Where did you get the prop from?

    • homelover22
      love the herb tray!!
    • PRO
      Bonnie D Loubier's Landscape Design
      I like the herbs on the wall idea. But first you would need a light source like a grow light. Second you will have to fertilize the herbs
      I grow mine on a flat table with drainage trays underneath them. You could have a pot in another pot for drainage but you don't want to keep your herbs or any other indoor plants wet, grow them on the dry side. As far as the little white bugs I'm think you mean white flies? Wet soil would bring fungus gnats which yes will get you a swarm of little black flying insects. They lay their larva in the soil and keep the cycle going. To avoid this problem and the white fly problem. Use yellow sticky cards to get rid of this and a Safer Soap or make your own with garlic, hot sauce and dish soap. You can get all this at any local garden center or hydroponic store.
    Meliha Heto wrote:July 9, 2013
    I painted my masterbedroom in a striped effect with beige and white, w

    - Fresh look effect

      katileigh wrote:July 10, 2013
      What is the brand of the stand mixer?

      Sheila Lockett wrote:September 15, 2013
      what color are the walls?

      • PRO
        Portico Design Group
        The Paint color is Cloverdale 8260 on the general walls and Benjamin Moore Sea Haze 2137-50 on the fireplace wall.
      praise77 wrote:October 6, 2013
      Do you use seeds or seedlings from scratch?

      • sparks2010
        thank you will do this one.
      • corinnehome

        I live in Vancouver. Is there somewhere I can buy the wall herb garden? I tried looing up Studio N2 in google but couldn't find it. Thanks so much in advance.

      Farrah DiMaggio wrote:November 24, 2013
      What color tho paint a mantel

        heykristic wrote:November 25, 2013
          Josefa Sarmiento de Ramirez wrote:March 26, 2014
          Las plantas o especies naturales estan sembradas...o es un manojo de h

          • vestiano1
            Roughly translated the first poster is saying that they think the wall display is artificial but that real garden can be purchased.
          • bradleytollefsen

            The herb garden looks great. That kitchen must get a lot of natural light.

          Debbie Madison_Butterworth wrote:June 16, 2014
          old kitchen cupboards

          - how to restore

            duccloud wrote:October 6, 2014

            - ,ipkll;.

              winslowy wrote:October 7, 2014
              Where can I buy the fresh herb display.

                Connie Meyer wrote:March 2, 2015
                how are the jars adhered to the boards?

                - how are the jars adhered to the boards?

                michal hesd wrote:March 29, 2015
                  usernamenishta wrote:September 16, 2015
                    garlady wrote:October 13, 2015
                    What kind of mixer is that! Love it!

                      garlady wrote:October 13, 2015
                      What kind of mixer is that! Love it!

                        kainabear1 wrote:March 26, 2017
                          J. Sorrentino wrote:June 22, 2017
                          Kitchen aide appliances

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