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19 Piece Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage Containers Set, Rectangle
19 Piece Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage Containers Set, Rectangleby Lasting Freshness$104.99$55(1)
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Kitchen storage solutions can make your time spent cooking a million times more enjoyable. The intimidating part is organizing your current mess. Make this task less daunting by creating a system for how things will be organized — try grouping items by purpose or type, and put the things you use most often in convenient spots. Once you have a solid plan, put the following kitchen storage ideas and tips into action to be more efficient in no time.

Kitchen organization starts with drawers.

Kitchen drawers seem to become jumbled and disorganized before you’ve even filled them up. Spoons mix with forks and knives, so finding your cake server can easily turn into a treasure hunt. Your best tools for fighting off these messes are drawer liners and organizers. Kitchen drawer organizers will give each piece of flatware and serveware a designated home and keep them contained. For storing odd-shaped gadgets and utensils in drawers, use a slip-resistant drawer liner so your items won’t slide around. Once you’ve tackled this section, move on to the more complicated alternative: cabinets.

Have a sensible system for pantry storage.

Most kitchen organizers are designed to be used in pantry cabinets, as they can fit the most stuff (but are also the most chaotic). Durable food storage containers and cabinet organizers will be your best friends when tackling this project. Sliding shelves are smart for getting to the things stored at the back of deep shelving; you can also keep your storage shallow with an over-the-door organizer for quick snacks and small seasoning packets. Spice racks and lazy Susans will make a world of difference when trying to find the oregano or chili powder in a sea of spices. If you find you’re running low on space, invest in a moveable kitchen island or cart that can be wheeled out of the way when not in use.

Countertops are for prep, not kitchen storage.

Any homeowner (cook or not) knows that counter space is precious. It’s also the hardest area to keep clear of clutter. Try keeping only your most used items out in the open for easy access. Utensil holders are a perfect way to make sure your wooden spoons and spatulas are always within reach but neatly organized. For those that simply must have sugar and flour out on display, make sure they are in labeled canisters and tucked in spots that won’t get in the way of food prep. If you can’t find room for your pots and pans, make use of your ceiling or wall space by mounting a pot rack. Dish racks also have a way of using up precious space, so do your best to remember to stash them under your sink when not in use. Enjoy cooking with (or sipping on) wine? It’s easy to let unopened bottles add up and slowly take over — get a freestanding wine rack or fasten one to a wall for storage and decor.

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