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Creating the perfect outdoor lounge setting starts with finding the right patio set for your specific space. You’ll need to consider a few things, such as material, features and which style of lounge furniture will fit your needs best. Do you plan on having large gatherings where there’s seating galore, or is your space more suited to small, intimate chats with your closest pal? Before you snap up the first outdoor lounge set you see, here are a few items to take note of to ensure you bring home the perfect one.

What styles do outdoor lounge sets come in?

  • Conversation sets - Just what it sounds like, a patio conversation set is an ideal spot to sit down and have a nice chat with friends and family. Picture a cozy outdoor sofa set or sectional set, complete with a few lounge chairs and table or ottoman to prop your feet up on and enjoy the conversation.

  • Patio chair set - If you’ve got a smaller space to fill, consider a more compact outdoor lounge chair set that only includes two to three chairs and maybe an ottoman or side table.

  • Outdoor chaise lounge set - To take lounging seriously, an outdoor chaise set is the way to go. You and a friend can kick back and soak up the sun poolside, or read a book and enjoy the fresh air, with a cool beverage on the side table between you of course!

  • Outdoor daybed set - If you want to bring your lounging game to expert level, you’ll definitely want to invest in a patio daybed set. Often these consist of a few modular pieces that can be pushed together to create a loungers dream bed, or be pulled apart for more functional seating.

What materials are best for patio lounge sets?

  • Metal - Metal patio sets can be both sturdy and lightweight, (think aluminum), and provide the look you may be going for in your space. Be careful if you live in a wet area, as rust and corrosion can certainly shorten the lifespan of metal outdoor furniture. Also, metal can be hot to the touch, so look for stay-cool options if this is a concern for you.

  • Wood - A wooden outdoor lounge set gives a classic feel to any space, blending in with natural outdoor surroundings. It lends itself well to a variety of styles, from traditional to modern, but this sturdy material can also require more maintenance. If you are willing to potentially oil or seal wood lounge furniture yearly, this might be the material for you. Try teak for an extra-weatherproof wood option.

  • Wicker - A wicker patio set is an ideal material for an outdoor lounge setting. It’s very weatherproof and won’t get hot or rust like metal can. It’s easy to maintain and can last years with little effort. Really the only downside is that it might not suit everyone’s design taste.

Which features should I look for in a patio furniture set?

While style and material are important, so are the features of any outdoor lounge furniture set. Here are a few of the most popular features that fellow shoppers are on the hunt for — and trust us, it’s for good reason!

  • Fire pit - Set the mood or keep the party going into the night by incorporating a patio set with a fire pit table. Often the table or pit will double as a coffee table or ottoman when not in use, so your patio lounge set will be practical all day or night.

  • Cover - Since you’re purchasing an entire set of outdoor lounge furniture, it’s unlikely that you will want to drag it all into storage during poor weather. The wise thing would be to invest in a set with a cover already included, or to find separate outdoor furniture covers that work with your new pieces.

  • Cushions - This one may seem obvious, but investing in an outdoor lounge set with cushions is the way to go. Unless, of course, it’s just not the look you’re going for. Your guests will appreciate a soft spot to hang out — just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you should rough it.

  • All-weather - For the most maintenance-free furniture, look for all-weather patio sets. They’re designed to be left out year-round and require minimal attention to keep them in tiptop shape. You might pay a little extra for this and be limited in the styles, but it’s worth it for peace of mind.