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Brightech Ambience Pro Incandescent Waterproof String Lights 11Watt S14 24 ft, 4
Brightech Ambience Pro Incandescent Waterproof String Lights 11Watt S14 24 ft, 4by Brightech$101.99$59.99(29)
Transform Your Backyard into a Cozy Oasis and Retreat: The Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights will create a beautiful backyard atmosphere where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening. These vintage Edison string lights with exposed filaments give off a warm, nostalgic glow so that you can come home after a busy day and enjoy your very own retreat. Ambiance Pro lights are bright enough to dine under without a glare so that you can enjoy your dinner outdoors on a nice evening. Perfect Hanging Outdoor Lighting for Entertaining Create a rustic, warm, and inviting atmosphere with this exquisite, lantern-like outdoor light strands. They add the perfect touch to a wedding, cocktail party, birthday party, BBQ, bistro, cafe, and so much more. Each strand contains 15 hanging 11 Watt bulbs spaced 3 feet apart. You can connect up to 8 strands end to end to custom arrange your lights. You can be creative to create a beautiful décor that your guests will appreciate and admire. Strongest Outdoor String Lights on the Market Brightech lights are designed to withstand the wear and tear of year-round outdoor use. They are weatherproof and built with Brightech’s durable WeatherTite Technology so that they can withstand extreme temperatures, rainy, windy, or damp climates. The light cord is rubbery, flexible, and thicker than a traditional cord so that you can confidently leave these ultra-durable commercial string lights on display during all seasons. Dimmer Compatible to Set the Right Mood For greater mood lighting flexibility and a soft glow, wire the lights to a dimmer switch to create softer lighting to enhance the atmosphere of a romantic dinner for two, an elegant nighttime celebration, or a wedding reception. The dimmer will also work perfectly on your porch, pergola, patio, and gazebo to maintain a softer, more elegant appearance year-round. 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee Our goal at Brightech is to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting so that everyone can have quality, high-end lighting in their home and office. We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 3-year warranty.Read More
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar 1W Globe Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar 1W Globe Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lightsby Brightech$42.99(15)
"ITALIAN CAFE" LIGHTS USE VINTAGE EDISON BULBS TO CREATE GREAT AMBIENCE ON YOUR PATIO: Install Brightech's solar-powered pergola lights as a canopy over your porch or gazebo for a retro bistro look and a pleasant party ambience. The Ambience Pros are bright enough to grill and eat, without being overpowering. Enjoy until late: They last 5-6 hours on a full charge, i.e. 6 hours of direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight works too, per reviews, but provides less charge/hour. COMMERCIAL GRADE WEATHERPROOF BISTRO LIGHTS WITH SHATTERPROOF GLOBE BULBS: Customer reviews say Brightech’s Ambience Pros - with our own WeatherTite technology - withstood winds up to 50MPH, rain & snow. The bulbs are shatterproof plastic shells, with heat resistance up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. INSTALL FLEXIBILITY MAKES THIS THE BEST CARNIVAL LIGHT STRAND FOR WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS & PARTIES: Place the solar panel almost anywhere with the included stake and clip. Solar string lights don't need an outlet, so even spaces far from a building can be well lit. The ring over each bulb takes hooks or guide wire - connect all for a straight-line look or just some of the rings for a scalloped look. LED, SOLAR OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTS Q&A & SPECS: Does this market lighting have an on/off switch? Yes, on the back of the panel. Are the bulbs and battery replaceable? Yes to both. Do you need direct sunlight? No, indirect sunlight works too, but less well. Length: 27 feet. 12 bulbs, 20" between bulbs. The lighted portion is 20 feet; 6' between the solar panel and the first bulb. The LED bulbs last 20,000 hours. Light color: 3000K soft white. BRIGHTECH'S 3 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 3-year warranty. If your lights have any defect or stop working within 3 years, we help you troubleshoot and/or send replacement parts or a whole new product. If any problems arise, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfaction. 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee Our goal at Brightech is to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting so that everyone can have quality, high-end lighting in their home and office. We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 3-year warranty.Read More

Adding outdoor lighting to your home is a great way to bring style, ambiance and safety to your front- or backyard. Whether you’re looking for string lights to add to the patio, a lantern for your front porch or illuminating flood lights, we’ve got a wide selection to choose from. There’s a lot to consider while looking for outdoor lighting ideas, from the style to the features you most care about. So if you’re unsure where to begin, allow our lighting guide to help.

Where to Use Your Outdoor Lighting

We carry several different types of outdoor light fixtures suited to illuminating different parts of your home. For example, if you’re looking for patio lights, usually a wall sconce or a hanging pendant does the trick. If you’re trying to illuminate a landscape, small stakes that you stick into the ground work well, as do stately lamp posts arranged around your property. One of our favorite (and most fun) ways to brighten up a yard is by hanging string lights from a deck railing or even in a tree. While you figure out what’s right for your space, check out this primer on some of the different types of outdoor lighting you can find on Houzz.

  • Hanging Lights: Hanging or pendant lights are ideal for front entryways or above an outdoor seating area. They’ll create a more formal, elegant look to extend your style outside. And the options are nearly limitless, from traditional lanterns to contemporary hanging globes.
  • Flood Lights: Ideal for installing above a garage, on your side yard, or by a patio door, flood lights illuminate your home’s exterior and provide extra security and safety. This style of outdoor lighting often comes with a motion sensor.
  • Wall Lights and Sconces: These are perfect for arranging on either side of your front door, particularly if there isn’t space to hang a pendant light. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit a variety of spaces.
  • Flush-Mount Lights: This type of outdoor lighting is installed directly up against an outdoor ceiling. They work well with gazebos or archways, as these structures have enough ceiling surface space to support them.
  • Landscape Lighting: Designed to disperse around a pathway, a deck or a large lawn, landscape lighting is ideal for illuminating a larger space. At Houzz, you can find inground lighting, path lights, deck lights or stair lights to suit your space.
  • Post Lights: Another option for a large backyard or long pathway, post lights are much larger and more visible than landscape lighting, but can add an elegant touch to your home’s exterior.

Choose the Features You Care About

There are a lot of options when it comes to picking out features for your outdoor lights. Of course, with a fixture that’s exposed to the elements, you’ll want something that’s not only attractive, but durable. Whether your priority is finding environmentally-friendly lights or something that’ll offer more safety and security after dark, it’s possible to find outdoor lighting to fit. While browsing, you’re likely to come across a lot of industry terms, so we’ve provided a handy primer on what each of these means below.

  • Solar: Solar lighting is a great option to use outdoors. As long as your lights are positioned to soak up a lot of sunlight during the day, you won’t have to use any power to light your yard at night. You’ll save money on your energy bills, while also lowering your carbon footprint.
  • LED: Another energy-saving option, LED lights last longer than incandescent bulbs and run using less energy. Some of these lights appear white or bluish in color, although it’s possible to look for those with a warmer color temperature.
  • Motion Sensor: Whether you’re concerned about security or you just want the convenience of automatically having light when you walk outside, motion-sensor lighting can be a great choice.
  • Dusk to Dawn: Dusk to dawn lighting automatically turns on after sunset and turns off once the sun comes up. If you know you always want a certain outdoor light on at night, like your porch light, this feature can be really useful.
  • UL Listed: If a light is UL Listed, this simply means that it’s been tested and rated for safety and functionality. For outdoor lights, you’ll want to make sure they’re UL Listed for wet locations, so that rain or snow won’t be a problem.
  • Dark Sky: This term refers to lighting that’s designed to illuminate the ground below rather than the sky. It’s made to reduce light pollution, particularly in suburban or urban areas.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Outdoor Lighting and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Outdoor Lighting for sale, from brands like Hinkley, Kichler, and Tech Lighting, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Outdoor Lighting, like the the Floral Medium Post Mount Light or the KO, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Outdoor Lighting online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.